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HOME > POLICIES > Becoming One of the World’s Top 7 Biohealth Nations > Creating a Global Brand for Korean Healthcare

Creating a Global Brand for Korean Healthcare

1. Expanding Foreign Patients

Realizing the goals of the Act on Overseas Expansion of Medical Services passed by the National Assembly (Formerly Act to Support International Medical Projects)

  • Establishment of legal institutions and stable institutionalization
    • Implementation of beauty and plastic surgery tax refund for foreign patients (Apr ’16~ Mar ’17); foreign language advertisements for medical services allowed in airport, ports and duty free shops etc. (Jun ‘16)
    • Establishment of comprehensive plan (Sep ‘16), setting up control through organization and operation of policy deliberative committee(3Q)
    • Preparation for smooth enforcement including the enactment of sub-laws such as enforcement decrees and enforcement guidelines (Jun ‘16)
  • Enhancing Services for Foreign Patients and improving Satisfaction Levels
    • Designating outstanding institutions and providing incentives through evaluation of medical institutions that treat foreign patients (Full implementation in Q3 after trial evaluation)
    • Installation and operation of comprehensive support window for foreign patients (Feb),establishment of medical check-up information and reservation system for Korean medical services (1Q)
  • Establishing Market Order and Expanding Global Recognition
    • Strengthened crackdown and control of illegal brokers of foreign patients (every half year)
    • Duty to inform patients of treatment costs, etc., and compulsory insurance for medical malpractice compensation liability (Jun ‘16), survey of treatment fees and patient introduction fee ratios and publication of information (Sep ’16)
    • Implementation of Medical Interpretation Qualification System*to facilitate communication between foreign patients and Korean medical practitioners

      * Operation of professional medical interpreter course in connection with Korea Human Resource Development Institute for Health and Welfare (Mar-Oct ‘16), and conducting of a qualification exams (Oct ’16-)

    • Establishment of a K-Medical Integrated Training Center for training and education programs targeted at medical practitioners from overseas (KRW 2.0B budget for ‘16)

2. Increasing Overseas Expansion of Korean Medicine

Actively supporting overseas expansion with customized regional strategies

  • (Middle East) High added value model of entry and expansion
    • Entry of bid for health insurance information system (1H ‘16, Qatar), health insurance training program for Shariah Public Health Office (2H ’16, UAE), cooperation forestablishment and operation of military hospital (Entire ‘16, Qatar), support for entry into medical systems, medical institutions, pharmaceutical industry of strategic nations outside of GCC (2H ’16, Iran etc.)
    • Attracting more publically funded patients by improving conditions for stay in Korea through initiatives such as demonstrative project for pre- and post-treatment care center, non-medical services etc. (600 in ’15 →850 in ’16), expanded training programs for medical professionals from the Middle East(32 in ‘15 →40 in ’16)
  • (Central and South America) Maximum utilization of FTA
    • Participation in the buildingofa public hospital and hospital information system,support for the export of rare pharmaceuticals(Chile), support for the supply of pharmaceuticals and construction of pharmaceutical manufacturing zone (Equador)
    • Support for entry into the pharmaceuticals market and bid for the Modernization of hospitals in Peru Project (PPP)(Peru), inviting staff working on PDP system to explain the system (Mar ‘16, Brazil)
    • Preparing for FTAs with 6 Central American nations*, invitation of staff in charge of pharmaceutical licensing during Pharm Fair (Mar ‘16)and K-Pharma Academy (May ’16).

    * FTAs with Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama in negotiation (Jun `15)

  • (China) Focus on Premium Medical Market in East and Coastal Regions
    • Customized support for strategic regions with high level of economic development such as the Easternand Coastal Regionsand seeking diversification of market entry for medical institutions (small dermatology, cosmetic surgery clinics→specialized, large clinics)
    • Expanded cooperation with local provincial governmentsto support market entry of medical institutions (throughout ‘16), organization and operation of public/private consultative body to develop different market entry models depending on the conditions in respective provinces (throughout ’16)
    • Raising the profile of Korean medicine and uncovering potential demand through local promotions and business exchange presentation events(one event each in 1H and 2H ‘16)
  • (Russia·CIS) Creating a Bridge for Local Market Entry
    • Expansion of Korean license recognition*and expansion of number of countries with simplified procedures for pharmaceutical and medical device licensing**

      * Healthcare and Medical Services MOU signed with Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan (1H ‘16)

      ** Uzbekistan → Other CIS nations

    • Working to hold working meeting to support entry of Korean medical institutions within the CIS region (1H ‘16)

3. Overseas Expansion of Digital Healthcare

Taking Korean Digital Healthcare to the World

  • Creating Success Stories from Demonstrative Projects in Central and South America, China Etc.
    • Demonstrative application of a model for telemedicine derived from fieldwork studies to Peru and China to prove the feasibility of the entry model and possibility of expansion (2H ‘16)

      * (Peru) Mother and Child healthcare project based on remote medical record sharing between university hospitals and primary medical institution

      * (China) Verification of smart remote management system for chronic disease in cooperation with Ruijin Hospital in China

      * (Chile) Verification of models for telemedicine in regional public health agencies for at-home patient care, etc.

  • Seeking Overseas Expansion of ICT-based Medical Services Including Telemedicine
    • Preparing foundation for expanded overseas market entry through model design and market research for new entry intoSoutheast Asia and Eastern Europe,etc.(throughout ‘16)
      • - Market survey and research on current status of medical services in respective regions and market analysis

        * Together with establishing strategy for overseas market entry through digital healthcare global strategy forum

    • Working on demonstrative telemedicine project targeted at overseas Koreans living in Asia, Central and South America,etc. (2H ‘16)
      • - Providing health consultations and chronic disease management services to Korean community and resident officers facing difficulties due to different medical environment, language barrier, etc.

        * Establishing video telemedicine treatment system between diplomatic missions and domestic medical institutions to provide remote consultations and management of chronic diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes

Last Update : 2016.4.19

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