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HOME > POLICIES > Enhancement of Customized Welfare Services by Life-Cycle Phase > Reinforcement of support for income growth and work opportunities of low-income people

Reinforcement of support for income growth and work opportunities of low-income people

1. Settlement of the customized benefit scheme of the basic living security system

  • (Livelihood benefits) A review to be conducted to increase the amount of livelihood benefits by up to 5.2% (for a family of four persons, from 1.27 million won to 1.34 million won (per month)), and to expand the support for families of one person or two persons with low income*

    * Formulation of the 1st comprehensive plan for basic livelihood security aimed at long-term institutional improvement (July, 2017)

    Basic livelihood security system & Emergency aid and support

2. Enhancement of basic pensions

    • (Relaxation of selection criteria*) Number of recipients to be increased, Amount of payments to be increased, reflecting the inflation rate of the previous year** (from April of 2017), Management of the records of people who wish to become recipients (300,000 persons)

      * (2016) A single person: one million won, and a married couple: 1.6 million won → (2017) A single person: 1.19 million won, and a married couple: 1.9 million won

      ** 204,000 won (2016) → 206,000 won (2017) (increase of 1%)

    recipients of basic pension

3. Support for, and creation of, work opportunities

  • (Jobs for financial support) Addition of 10,000 jobs for elderly people, self-support, etc. (640,000 → 650,000 jobs)
  • (Care services) Addition of 50,000 jobs (700,000 → 750,000 jobs), including long-term care, assistant teachers of child-care centers, etc.

Last Update : 2017.4.21

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