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HOME > POLICIES > Enhancement of Customized Welfare Services by Life-Cycle Phase > Promotion of rights and interests of children, the disabled, the elderly, etc.

Promotion of rights and interests of children, the disabled, the elderly, etc.

1. (Children) Enhancement of a system for preventing child abuse and providing ex post facto support

  • Establishment of a system* for detecting children in crisis (from July, 2017), the institutionalization of legal counseling and medical assistance for victim children, etc.

    * e-child happiness support system: the utilization of big data on long-term absence, missing of health examination, etc., and early identification of children in crisis including abused children.

    System for preventing child abuse

2. (People with disabilities) Establishment of advocacy groups for the rights and interests of people with disabilities (18 groups, and from January) for preventing abuse and providing ex post factor support, and the implementation of the 3rd pilot project for revising the disability grading system, including the introduction of a system for comprehensive service determination*, etc. (in April)

* The standards for determining services required for individual persons with disabilities by comprehensively considering the needs, disability characteristics, socio-economic environment, etc. of persons with disabilities.

  • Preparation for the PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games and Paralympics by supporting the installation of convenience facilities for people with disabilities, etc.

3. (Elderly people living alone) Expansion of care services for elderly people living alone by identifying people newly eligible for such services (semi-annually); and the reinforcement of policies for preventing the abuse of the elderly, punishing abusers, and supporting the recovery from damage, by restricting the employment of abusers, etc.

Basic services (support for the vulnerable elderly living alone): 220,000 (2016) → 225,000 (2017)

Comprehensive services (support for the elderly with impaired mobility): 37,000 (2016) → 41,000 (2017)

  • Promotion of "Connecting love to the elderly living alone*" linked to private sponsorship

    * 1:1 relationship between an elderly person living alone and the executive officer or employee of a private corporation for checking on the elderly person living alone and conducting volunteer work

4. Promotion of human rights (of people with mental disorders) by strengthening the procedures for non-voluntary admission to hospitals

* Pilot project in which two doctors are required to diagnose a patient within two weeks from his/her admission, and an examination on the appropriateness of admission is to be conducted by an examination committee within one month.

Last Update : 2017.4.21

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