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HOME > POLICIES > Establishment of Health Insurance System centered on People > Reinforcement of Preventive Health Care

Reinforcement of Preventive Health Care

1. Reduction of smoking rates and enhancement of management of chronic diseases

    • (Reduction of smoking rates) Expansion of bases for achieving adult male smoking rate of 29% (2020)

      - Legislative preparation for the display of warning pictures, designation of no-smoking areas in indoor sports facilities, prohibition of acts of hiding warning pictures, etc.

    • (Management of chronic diseases) Regular management of the diseases and lifestyle habits of people with high blood pressure or diabetes at local clinics (some 1,400 units), using smart phones, etc.

      * Linkage between exercise prescription, diet, nutrition management, non-face-to-face observation, and counseling

    System for managing chronic diseases

2. Reinforcement of management of high-risk suicide groups

    • (Reduction of suicide rates) To reduce the suicide rate per 100,000 persons * to 20 persons by 2020 by promoting public interest in resolving matters related to suicide * 26.5 persons (2015) → 20 persons (in 2020)
    • (Management of high-risk groups) Expansion of follow-up management of suicide attempters by emergency rooms (27 → 42 units), the additional expansion of mental health promotion centers (16 units), etc.
    • (Amendment of the Act for the Prevention of Suicide and the Creation of Culture of Respect for Life) Establishment of a basis for psychological autopsy for an in-depth analysis of causes for suicide (March, 2017)
    Expansion of projects for follow-up management of suicide attempters by emergency rooms

Last Update : 2017.4.21

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