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HOME > POLICIES > Establishment of Health Insurance System centered on People > Enhancement of healthcare industry performance and job creation

Enhancement of healthcare industry performance and job creation

1. Responding to changes in medical environments, including the fourth industrial revolution, population aging, etc.

    • (Basic plan) Preparation for future changes such as technological innovation (artificial intelligence, etc.), population aging, new infectious diseases, etc.

      * Establishment of the second basic plan for health and medical technology development (2018 ~ 2022, October)

    • (Advanced medical care) Preparation for the development of cancer diagnosis and treatment technology based on artificial intelligence, the opening of a precise medical care support center (July), etc.

      * Selected as one of the 9 national strategic projects (August, 2016)

      - Promotion of clinical trials for treatment of rare and incurable diseases based on the enactment of the High-tech Regeneration Medical Care Act

    • (Bio-health ecosystem) Utilization of R&D results of hospitals, facilitation of business start-up (June), and support for cooperation with corporations engaged in development of new drugs and medical devices
    Major contents of precise medicine

2. Fostering of pharmaceutical, medical device, and cosmetic industries

  • (Comprehensive plan) Establishment of the second plan for nurturing the pharmaceutical industry, including preferential treatment for tax and drug prices, support for entry to overseas markets, etc.
  • (Medical devices) Provision of necessary support based on the enactment of the Act for Nurturing the Medical Device Industry, and the support for speedy market entry by providing consulting service through the comprehensive support center
Consulting by the comprehensive support center for medical devices by phase
  • (Cosmetics) Dispatch of global market pioneers, and support for the installation of shops in China.

3. Promotion of entry to overseas medicine markets, and attraction of foreign patients

  • (Global expansion of Korean medicine) Implementation plan for 2017 to be established (March) based on the 5-year plan for entry to overseas medical markets (November, 2016), and the reinforcement of regional strategies and overseas promotion activities in regions, including China, the Middle East, etc.
  • (Overseas expansion) Development of successful cases by providing individual consulting services through experts of various fields and regions (47 experts, (GHKOL), and increasing support for projects of medical institutions for overseas expansion.

    * Consulting: 30 (2016) → 50 (2017), and support for projects: 17 (2016) → 25 (2017)

  • (Attraction of foreign patients) Enhancement of trust in the Korean medical industry by evaluating and designating medical institutions for attracting foreign patients, and by providing follow-up care service for foreign patients at Incheon International Airport (February, 2017)

4. Expansion of jobs in the healthcare industry and cultivation of professional workforce

  • (Growth of jobs) In 2017, jobs for 30,000 persons to be created; specialized graduate schools to be operated; and necessary human resources to be nurtured, including the re-education for market experts, experienced workers, etc.

Last Update : 2017.4.21

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