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Taking the First Step Towards Nurturing Bioprocessing Workforce

  • Date : 2021-09-23
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Taking the First Step Towards Nurturing Bioprocessing Workforce
- K-NIBRT education program opening on September 6 (Mon.) to train 240 individuals including vaccine workforce within the year -

□ The Ministry of Health and Welfare (MOHW, Minister Kwon Deok-cheol) and Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI, President Kwon Soon-man) held a ceremony to commemorate the opening of the K-NIBRT (Korean National Institute for Bioprocessing Research & Training) program* at Underwood Memorial Library on Yonsei University’s International Campus on September 6 (Mon.) at 11:30.
* Training program to nurture workforce in bioprocessing procedures and operations through an agreement on course content and management with Ireland’s National Institute for Bioprocessing Research & Training (NIBRT)

○ The ceremony kicked off with opening remarks by Ha Yeon-seop, Senior Vice President of Yonsei University’s International Campus and Director General of K-NIBRT Project Group, followed by congratulatory remarks by Darrin Morrissey, CEO of Ireland’s NIBRT, a keynote speech by Lee Kang-ho, Director General of Bureau of Health Industry of MOHW, and an introduction to the training course by Jeong Jin-hyeon, Director of K-NIBRT Training Center.

○ Representatives from MOHW, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE), Incheon Metropolitan City, KHIDI, Incheon Technopark, and the K-NIBRT Project Group attended the ceremony in person, while over 70 people, including 48 trainees in the first batch of the specialization course on vaccines, participated online.

□ K-NIBRT is an training program jointly pursued by MOHW and MOTIE* to foster the nation’s bioprocessing workforce. Established under the agreement with Ireland’s NIBRT, the hands-on program allows trainees to learn and practice bioprocessing skills and operation at a training center approved under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and similar in size to an actual bioprocessing facility.

* (MOHW) K-NIBRT program introduction and management; (MOTIE) Facility set-up and equipment acquisition

○ MOHW and MOTIE will invest a total of KRW 60 billion from 2021 to 2025 and produce more than 2,000 bioprocessing professionals every year from 2024, when the Bioprocessing Training Center currently under construction will be completed and officially opened.

○ Upon successful completion, K-NIBRT trainees will receive a certificate of completion equivalent to that for completing the NIBRT program in Ireland, marking Korea’s first operation of an internationally recognized bioprocessing training course.

□ The K-NIBRT education program consists of two main courses ― the specialization course on vaccines and general course on antibody drugs. The former, introduced as a part of the Korean government's recent ambitions to become a global vaccine production hub, will run four rounds of theory (3 weeks) and practice (5 weeks) sessions starting from September 6 (Mon.), under the aim of nurturing 120 professionals in the mRNA vaccine process by the end of the year.

○ In particular, the vaccine specialization course is the first-step project towards realizing the government’s initiative to make the country a global hub for vaccine production. As the global demand for COVID-19 vaccines continues to skyrocket amid the pandemic, funding for the course was allocated in the government’s second supplementary budget for 2021* under the recognition of the need for a training program to quickly foster vaccine professionals.

* Total funding of KRW 5 billion, including KRW 4 billion from the government (KRW 2.8 billion from MOHW, KRW 1.2 billion from Incheon City) and KRW 1 billion from Yonsei University

○ K-NIBRT’s general processing course, a non-degree program beginning on November 22 (Mon.), will train a total of 240 people this year, including 120 professionals in biopharma manufacturing. In 2022, the two courses will train 300 individuals in total ― 120 in the vaccine course and 180 in the general processing course.

□ Those with an associate degree or deemed to have an equivalent or higher academic background, including both jobseekers and incumbent employees, are eligible for the K-NIBRT program. The theory sessions are provided free of charge, and trainees can stay at the Yonsei University dormitory.

○ The application process for the second batch of the K-NIBRT vaccine specialization course is currently underway (Aug. 25 - Sep. 15). For more information, please contact the K-NIBRT Project Group.

* Contact: Yonsei University K-NIBRT Project Group (Phone: 032-749-3260∼5 / Website: www.knibrt.com)

□ “Workforce training is the most important to bolster the sustainable growth of the biopharma industry,” said Lee Kang-ho, Director General of the Bureau of Health Industry of MOHW.

○ He continued, “In particular, the K-NIBRT vaccine specialization course is expected to produce world-class vaccine professionals and thus play a crucial role in Korea’s development as a global vaccine production hub.”

< Attachment > 1. Overview of the K-NIBRT Training Course Opening Ceremony2. 2021 K-NIBRT Curriculum Details

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