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Health Minister and Major Hospitals Discuss Cooperation Amidst Pandemic

  • Date : 2021-02-03
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Health Minister and Major Hospitals Discuss Cooperation Amidst Pandemic

- Discussion Covers Support for Treatment of Critical Cases and Medical Staff and Quarantine Control for Medical Licensing Exam -

On December 30, the Ministry of Health and Welfare (Minister Kwon Deok-cheol) held a meeting at Seoul National University Hospital to discuss pending issues in the medical community including cooperative measures for COVID-19 quarantine.

The meeting was attended by: Kim Yeon-su, director of Seoul National University Hospital; Kim Yeong-mo, director of Inha University Hospital; Yun Dong-seob, director of Yonsei University Health System; Lee Yun-seong, president of Korea Health Personnel LIcensing Examination Institute; Lim Tae-hwan, head of National Academy of Medicine of Korea; Jeong Ji-tae, (incoming) president of Korean Academy of Medical Sciences; and Han Hui-cheol, head of Medical College and School Association.

The participants from the government were Minister Kwon Deok-cheol and Lee Chang-jun, Director General for Health and Medical Policy.

Minister Kwon expressed his gratitude for the medical community’s effort to provide more beds, including ones dedicated for critical patients at Seoul National University Hospital.

The participants discussed measures for procuring beds and medical personnel for COVID-19, improving training conditions for residents and procuring essential medical staff, and quarantine control for the medical licensing exam.

- In relation to the 64th medical licensing exam scheduled for January 28-February 10, 2021, the medical community vowed to provide full support to ensure that residents who test positive or self-isolate during their practice can take the exam.

* Support will be provided to use lecture rooms at medical schools as examination halls in each region for self-isolated exam-takers and to send administrative staff of Korea Health Personnel LIcensing Examination Institute.

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