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Heart-warming Accompaniment: To make dementia-Friendly Society for Everyone’s Happiness

  • Date : 2022-09-23
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The Ministry of Health and Welfare, together with the National Institute of Dementia (President: h IKoh Im-Seok, held a ceremony for the 15th Dementia Conquest Day at the Conference Room, COEX, on September 21 (Wednesday, 10 a.m.).

The ceremony was held in person and also broadcasted live through a Youtube channel(http://wwww.youtube.com/NIDPARTNER).

During the ceremony, 12 government awards and 141 commendations from the Minister of Health and Welfare were granted to individuals and organizations that have contributed to the development of dementia-related policies and continuously cared for patients with dementia. The key achievements are described below.

The honor of the Service Merit Medal was granted to Professor Chey Jeanyung of the Department of Psychology at Seoul National University, who is a pioneer in the field of neuropsychology in Korea, and contributed to R&D and education on dementia assessment and preventive approaches.

To celebrate Dementia Conquest Day, each local government held various activities such as a non-face-to-face walking event (Seoul), a documentary movie screening (to improve awareness of dementia; Gangwon-do), a living with dementia lecture (Jeollanam-do) and a dementia-prevention exercise (using the metaverse; Kyeongsangbuk-do).

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