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Vitalization of K-Medical Cooperation with Middle Eastern Countries

  • Date : 2023-03-15
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□ The Ministry of Health and Welfare(Minister: Cho, KyooHong) announced that it would hold a meeting with the ambassadors of the Gulf Cooperation Council (hereinafter ‘GCC’)* to the Republic of Korea to promote healthcare cooperation at the Westin Chosun Hotel(located in Jung-gu, Seoul) at 2:00 PM on Mar. 10(Fri.). * A regional cooperation organization formed in May 1981 by oil producing countries in the Gulf region to strengthen regional cooperation.

○ The event was attended by Minister Cho KyooHong, Korea Health Industry Development Institute President Cha Soon-do, and the United Arab Emirates’ ambassador(hereinafter referred to as “UAE”) Abdulla Saif Al-Nuaimi, the Omani ambassador Zakaria Hamed Al-Saadi, the Saudi Arabian ambassador Sami M. Alsadhan, the Qatar ambassador Khalid Ebrahim Al-Hamar, and the Kuwaiti ambassador Deyab Farhan Al-Rashidi.

□ This meeting was held to discuss follow-up measures following President Yoon Suk Yeol's state visit to the UAE in January this year to expand cooperation in the health and medical fields and to promote mutual understanding, such as advances of Korean medical institutions in major Middle Eastern countries and training programs for medical personnel in the Middle East.

※ Please refer to the press release "Vitalization of K-Medical Cooperation with Middle Eastern Countries" for further details.

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