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Promotion of outcomes on 2nd anniversary of government inauguration _ Community Care

  • Date : 2019-05-28
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Community Care(1/10)

My parents, two years ago and now

Community Care(2/10)

I am Granny Hwang, I live in a welfare residence for senior citizens.

Welfare residence for seniors Granny Hwang in Seongnam (Age 87)

(Welfare Center)

Community Care(3/10)

I lived in a nearby apartment building two years ago.
When I went to the bathroom at night, I struggled to find the light switch in the dark.

(Struggle struggle)

Community Care(4/10)

How about now, in the welfare residence for senior citizens?
Sensors detect my motion and light up the floor.
There are also customized safe handrails and anti-slip finishing materials that make life so much easier!

(No worries about tripping!)

Community Care(5/10)

At the Welfare Center on the 1st floor, we ladies gather for lunch and play board games.


Community Care(6/10)

Social workers check in on us regularly and help bring us to the hospital when needed.

Community Care(7/10)

And starting this year, doctors and nurses will regularly visit us at home to monitor our health.

Community Care(8/10)

It's a huge blessing to be able to stay in my old neighborhood, enjoying every day with dear old friends.

Community Care(9/10)

"The MOHW will provide the Community Care service from June 2019, to allow senior citizens to spend their golden years in their own communities."

* Trial implementation in eight regions from June 2019

Community Care(10/10)

The service will be expanded gradually by 2026, to give wider coverage to our senior citizens!

How will the lives of our parents change in the future?

Allow us to introduce a policy for senior citizens as we celebrate Parents’ Day :-)

In preparation for a super-aged society, the Korean government announced the basic plan for “Community Care” in November 2018 which aims to help senior citizens enjoy healthy and happy life after retirement in their own communities.

The MOHW will provide the #community_care_service from June 2019.
(Trial implementation will be underway in eight regions)

The service will be expanded by 2026 to provide senior citizens with wider coverage.

The MOHW will keep working towards our goal for all senior citizens to enjoy happy and healthy golden years!

(Please refer to the Ddaseuari blog for more details on the “Community Care” program)

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