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Your Information Is Our Best Defense Against COVID-19

  • Date : 2020-07-10
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Your Information Is Our Best Defense Against COVID-19

mplementation of Electronic Entry Log (KI-Pass) Enforced from June 10th

* Temporary measure during ‘serious’ and ‘warning’ alert levels for communicable disease risk

Users may enter a facility by having a personal QR code issued and presenting it to a facility manager.

QR Code Scanning Procedure

(QR code issuing agency + Social Security Information Service)

User - Generating QR code - Encrypted single use QR code

Facility Manager - Scanning user’s QR code

Checking Personal Information - QR code scan log ↔Personal information matching - Personal information can be checked through information matching when requested by authorities

We need your active participation.

Inquiries: 1339


① Log in to Naver (via app or website) and generate a QR code

Click ‘My QR Code’ → Information Provision Agreement → Mobile number verification for initial use → QR code generated

* QR code issuance will soon be available on PASS as well as Naver.

② Show your QR code to a facility manager

* QR codes are generated for single use and remain effective only for 15 seconds at the time of entry to the facility

Facility Manager

① Install the electronic entry log app and register

* Sign up by entering your personal information and verifying your identity; you can also register your staff on the application.

oogle Play (Android), App Store (iOS)→earch for and install the KI-Pass app

② Scan user QR codes on the app

* Using any device with internet connection (mobile phone/table pc etc.)

User, Scan, Facility Manager

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