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HOME > ABOUT MOHW > Press Release
ABOUT MOHW > Press Release
Subject The 80th Confirmed MERS Case Dies
Date 2015-11-26 Hit 9088

Press Release Reference

Date of Distribution

2015.11.25. /(Total:1Page)

Division in Charge

Central MERS-CoV Control Office (EOC)


Kim Youngtaek /Lee Sooyeon



Person in Charge

Kim Gabjeong



The 80th Confirmed MERS Case Dies



The Central MERS-CoV Control Office (EOC) of the Ministry of Health and Welfare announced that the 80th confirmed MERS case(male, 35) died due to the rapid worsening of his underlying condition, malignant lymphoma, while under treatment(Nov. 25, around 3 A.M.).


*Patient #80’s progress: contacted a confirmed MERS case(5.27)quarantined at Seoul Samsung Medical Center(6.6)confirmed positive for MERS(6.7)transferred to Seoul National University Hospital(7.3) confirmed negative for MERS(10.1) discharged(10.3) re-admitted to Seoul National University Hospital(10.11)



#80 had been treated in isolation for 116 days at Seoul National University Hospital since he was diagnosed with MERS on Jun. 7 (discharged on Oct. 3). After re-admission on Oct. 11, he continued to receive care in isolation while going back and forth between positive and negative PCR results.


- The medical staff who treated the patient said, “His condition rapidly deteriorated due to the progression of malignant lymphoma, which he developed prior to MERS infection, while under treatment.”


- The Ministry of Health and Welfare prayed for the repose of the deceased and extended its deepest condolences to his loved ones.



The_80th_Confirmed_MERS_Case_Dies.hwp (255 KB / Download : 528)


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