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ABOUT MOHW > Press Release
Subject Scenery of K-Wave in Medical Industry, COEX 10.20 ~ 10.22 ‘´Medical Korea & K-Hospital Fair 2016’
Date 2016-10-12 Hit 11621

Scenery of K-Wave in Medical Industry, COEX 10.20 ~ 10.22

‘'Medical Korea & K-Hospital Fair 2016’

- An opportunity to advance as a World-wide Medical Fair via Public-Private Partnership -


Ministry of Health and Welfare (MOHW) announced that 'Medical Korea & K-Hospital Fair 2016' will be held from October 20th to 22nd at the COEX Convention & Exhibition Center in Seoul, Korea. The event is co-hosted by Korea Health Development Institute (KHIDI) and Korean Hospital Association (KHA) with special sponsorship from MOHW.


This convention is an integration of KHIDI’s 7th Global Healthcare & Medical Tourism Conference and KHA’s 3rd Korean Hospital Exhibition & Congress. This synthesis will foster professionalism and synergy in the Korea healthcare industry.


The Medical Korea & K-Hospital Fair 2016 is expected to have roughly 15,000 attendees from government and private sector in the field of healthcare industry and will be organized around the theme of “The Future of Global Healthcare: Innovation, Convergence, and Creation.” It will offer a unique opportunity to learn about the latest trends in global healthcare and the medical tourism industry through fruitful events such as the G2G summit, conference, exhibitions, business meetings, a Korean hospital familiarization tour, and an award ceremony.


A KHIDI source stated that this convention will be Asia’s largest global healthcare and medical tourism convention yet, while KHA one noted that joining together ‘Medical Korea’ and ‘K-Hospital Fair’ casts a long shadow in terms of the united efforts of Public-Private Partnership to further develop and expand the Korea health industry into the global market.


During the convention, invited government delegates will discuss cooperation strategies to address key issues in global healthcare, and participating companies will have a chance to expand their global network via business meetings.


Most importantly, the strength of Korea healthcare will be publicized to domestic and foreign participants through conferences and exhibitions such as ‘ICT-Health Special Exhibition,’ which demonstrates how Information and Communication Technology(ICT)-based digital medical technologies are being used for a surgical operation, robotic surgery, telemedicine, and so on.


More information about ‘Medical Korea & K-Hospital Fair 2016’ is available on its official website. (KHIDI) http://www.medical-korea.org / (KHA) http://www.khospital.org


A MOHW source said Medical Korea & K-Hospital Fair 2016 will be a foothold of Korean-wave in health industry, showcasing the excellence of Korea’s healthcare to the world. MOHW wished keen interests and participations to this anticipated event.



l  Date : October 20(Thu) ~ 22(Sat), 2016 - 3days

l  Venue : COEX Convention & Exhibition Center, Seoul, Korea

l  Hosted by : Korean Hospital Association , Korea Health Industry Development Institute

l  Special Sponsor : Ministry of Health and Welfare

l  Major Attendees

-          Foreign Health Ministries and related officials

-          Government officials, healthcare providers and associations, insurance companies, and others related to global healthcare business

l  Program


Main event

Medical Korea

K-Hospital Fair

Opening Ceremony

· Opening Ceremony, Ribbon cutting Ceremony, Exhibition tour, VIP Luncheon


· Cooperation in healthcare between governments (Ministerial Bilateral Meeting, etc)



Special session (4)

·Ko-Iran Healthcare Cooperation Seminar

·Globalization of healthcare Services

·Digital Healthcare Strategy Forum

·Global Mobility Strategy for Health Professionals

·Infection control and prevention of medical institutes

·Competition for the improvement of hospital system

·Recent trend and development plan of Medical Appliances

Regular session(2)

·Global Healthcare Frontier 2016

·Globalization of Traditional Korean Medicine


ICT-Health Zone

ICT based telemedicine, 3D printing, digital healthcare, etc.

Medical Korea Zone

Exhibitions from healthcare providers and related companies in the field of medical tourism

Healthcare industry

·(Diagnostic Apparatus) Apparatus for clinical diagnosis, medical examination and medical image

·(Therapeutic Apparatus) Apparatus for physiotherapy and rehabilitation, operation-related equipments

· (Other equipments) hospital facilities

·(Information·Services) IT medical information system, legal consulting services and related-education

· (Others) Hospital construction and interior design


Business meeting

·One-on-one partnering, business meeting

Korea Hospital Familiarization Tour

·Korea medical institutes familiarization tour, medical technology and service experience hall

Global Healthcare Award Ceremony

· Award an individual and a institute that contribute to the development of global healthcare industry (presidential citation, prime minister citation, minister commendation and KHIDI director commendation)




(영문보도자료)_Medical_Korea_&_K-Hosptial_Fair_2016.docx (26 KB / Download : 543)


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