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ABOUT MOHW > Press Release
Subject Look into the Future of Global Healthcare
Date 2017-11-20 Hit 23085

Look into the Future of Global Healthcare
Opening of Medical Korea 2017

 Medical Korea 2017 is held in November 21st to 22nd (Tue-Wed) at COEX in Seoul, Korea. The conference is hosted by the Ministry of Health and Welfare of Korea (MoHW) and organized by the Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI).
 This annual international conference marks the 8th this year starting from 2010. It has provided a venue for opinion leaders in the field to freely share their insight into the current trends and future prospects of the global healthcare and medical tourism industry.
 A wide variety of programs, including a conference, G2G meetings, a job fair, and an exhibition, will further enrich this year’s event under the topic of the “Global Healthcare: New Challenge & Insights for the Future”.
 Almost one hundred experts in global healthcare from home and abroad were invited as speakers. They will deliver messages at the 18 sessions classified into three major themes of “Global Healthcare Industry”, “Medical Tourism”, and “Global Expansion of Healthcare Services”.
 You can look into the present and future of medical industry in the light of the trend of the global medical tourism market or ICT-converged health technologies under the theme of Global Healthcare Industry.
 For Medical Tourism, you can discuss exemplary cases in medical tourism hubs in China, Malaysia, Hungary, and other countries. And you may share market entry models towards the Eurasia, Middle East, China, and other regions in terms of Global Expansion of Healthcare Services.
 As PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games is nearing, which is scheduled to launch on February 9th next year, we have arranged a special session to explore strategies to facilitate medical tourism using Korea’s sports rehabilitation infrastructure.



 Trends & Issues of Medical Tourism Market (Nov 21st, Tue)
- Analyze the trends and issues of medical tourism market in each region such as the US, Europe, Middle East, and Asia and explore challenge tackling measures

 Strategic Models for Developing Physician Training Program (Nov 21st, Tue)
- Discuss future directions to advance training programs for foreign health practitioners.

 Regional Development of Medical & Wellness Tourism (Nov 22nd, Wed)
- Share the cases and strategies of medical tourism by regions or nations, including Hainan in China, Penang in Malaysia, Australia, and Hungary

 Growth Strategy and Competitiveness of Leading Medical Tourism Facilitators & Hospitals (Nov 22nd, Wed)
- Explore new business models in medical tourism industry and growth strategies by looking into cases of successful hospitals in the US or Thailand

 Outlook for China’s Healthcare Market (Nov 22nd, Wed)
- Share the development of China’s pharmaceutical and medical industry and the trends of its medical tourism and healthcare services

 On this occasion, the government on its part will sign MOUs with ministries of health of other nations, including Croatia and Nicaragua, to facilitate government-to-government interaction.
 Government officials from Qatar and Bahrain will also make their presence and discuss referrals of government-funded patients to Korea and training of health practitioners in Korea.
The job fair for medical tourism coordinators, medical interpreters, and other global healthcare professionals will provide consulting on job interviews and recruitment in an aim of contributing to the job creation in this sector.
 A total 70 of domestic or international medical institutions, local governments, and associations will install as many as 80 booths in the exhibition hall to let more people recognize the excellence of Korea’s healthcare system.
 At the Booth of Korean Accreditation Program for Hospitals Serving Foreign Patients (KAHF), you can grasp the general concept of this program. You may also have an opportunity to meet the staff members from MoHW-accredited hospitals : Gachon University Gil Medical Center, Inha University Hospital, HanGil Eye Hospital, and JK Plastic Surgery Center.
 “We have made substantial endeavors to enhance both breadth and depth of this year’s Medical Korea International Conference by pursuing more thematic variety. I hope this event will further escalate the international status of the Korea’s healthcare and medicine,” an official at the MoHW said.


Look_into_the_Future_of_Global_Healthcare.docx (22 KB / Download : 212)

Look_into_the_Future_of_Global_Healthcare.pdf (96 KB / Download : 327)


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