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One Click, and Check Korea´s Lauded COVID-19 In Vitro Diagnostics Pioneers

  • Date : 2020-04-02
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One Click, and Check Korea's Lauded COVID-19 In Vitro Diagnostics Pioneers

□ South Korea's health authorities, MOHW (Ministry of Health and Welfare under Minister Park Neung-hoo), in partnership with its affiliated institution KHIDI (Korea Health Industry Development Institute under President Kwon Deok-cheol), have initiated to offer prompt online updates on a list of Korean manufacturers and exporters specializing in COVID-19 diagnostics devices, starting from 16:00PM on April 1, 2020, through a website called "Medical Devices Industry Information Platform." (http://www.khidi.or.kr/device)

○ The website provides the list containing twenty-nine South Korean companies which produce and export COVID-19 In Vitro Diagnostics Devices (excluding companies which do not agree to disclose information). The list includes the product names and contact information of the exporters, and will be regularly updated in accordance with further approval.

○ Specifically, the visitor of the website can find the information on those companies(both in Korean and English) by clicking a relevant pop-up or banner on the main page of the website. Also, clicking on each manufacturer's name on the list links to their respective homepage.

□ The MOHW plans to introduce and promote ways to utilize the website through the country's overseas embassies and KOTRA trade centers. Any foreign buyers interested in importing Korea's COVID-19 in vitro diagnostic devices can find relevant information on manufacturers and exporters by accessing the website.

○ As for other concerns that might arise from the process of exporting and importing medical devices, the Medical Devices Industry Support Center is ready to offer consultation. It can be contacted through its website or e-mail (ytyman09@khidi.or.kr).

※ Attachment : Korean manufacturers and exporters of COVID-19 IVD devices (as of April 1, 2020)

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