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Expanding outpatient centers for at-home patients to local hospitals and clinics

  • Date : 2022-04-05
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Expanding outpatient centers for at-home patients to local hospitals and clinics
동네 병·의원 재택치료 외래진료센터 확충 추진방안

Mar 29, 2022

The Ministry of Health and Welfare discussed ways to expand outpatient centers to manage the increased need for face-to-face consultations of COVID-19 patients under home care due to the surge in cases.

Outpatient centers for COVID-19 patients under at-home care have been designated and operated since last December to provide face-to-face medical care to COVID-19 patients needing outpatient treatment during at-home treatment. Due to the recent surge in confirmed cases, the need for face-to-face consultations is increasing. (279 medical institutions operating as of March 29)

Accordingly, it is decided to receive the application for outpatient centers from all medical institutions so that the patients can receive face-to-face consultations for COVID-19 and other illnesses from nearby hospitals or medical clinics. The application process has also been simplified from the city and provincial designation to direct application to Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service.

Hospitals or clinics can fill out the COVID-19 outpatient center application to be submitted via facsimile to 033-811-7621. Starting April 8, applications can also be filled out and submitted via Health and Medical Resources integrated reporting portal (www.hurb.or.kr).

After applying, the hospital/clinic may conduct face-to-face consultations immediately from the date of application without need to wait for application review. Participating hospitals and medical clinics are eligible for health insurance fee claims.

All hospitals and medical clinics wishing to participate as outpatient centers for COVID-19 confirmed patients should secure separate schedules and spaces for COVID patients, also secure doctors and nurses who treat COVID-19 and other diseases.

Hospital-level medical institutions can apply from March 30, and clinic-level medical institutions can apply from April 4 through Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service. The change is expected to enable the public to get appropriate treatment when necessary and help prepare a way toward switch to a general medical system.

// For inquiries, contact Media Relations, Ministry of Health and Welfare
044-202-2047 fairytale@korea.kr


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