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Eating and drinking to be allowed in indoor public-use facilities from April 25th

  • Date : 2022-04-29
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Eating and drinking to be allowed in indoor public-use facilities from April 25th
4월 25일부터 실내 다중이용시설 취식 허용

April 22, 2022

Through the meeting of the Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasure Headquarters (4.15. Fri), the rule that has prohibited consuming food and beverages other than water and non-alcoholic beverages in indoor public-use facilities was decided to be lifted from the midnight on April 25 (Mon). Each facility will make its own rules consulting with related industries and organizations to ensure safe eating and drinking for infection prevention.

Food consumption in movie theaters, performance venues, and indoor sports halls will be allowed when watching games or movies. In movie theaters or indoor sports halls, ventilation is to be carried out every screening time (every round) and the infection control measures of the cafeteria will be periodically checked. Especially in Gocheok Dome, it is planned to maintain and operate the air quality equivalent to that of the outdoors.

Also, an atmosphere of compliance with public health rules will be made by posting and guiding public health rules such as ‘Wearing masks at all times before and after eating or drinking’ for indoor facility users.

Major transportation such as trains, domestic flights, and express buses will also allow indoor food and beverages consumption.

The rules to quickly consume food and beverages and conduct periodic ventilation (e.g., for KTX, once in 4.5 minutes) are to be implemented to make safe eating and drinking environment.

However, the ban on food and beverage consumption in intra-city buses will be maintained due to its high passenger density of public transportation services and standing passengers.

Tasting food and beverages in large-scale distributors such as large discount stores and department stores are allowed.

For the safe tasting, a special food-consumption management zone will be designated, and operated, with a gap of more than 3m between beverage-tasting corners, more than 1m gaps between people, and an announcement will be made at least once an hour.

To reduce the risk of infection during the consumption of food and beverages, the government urges both facility managers and users to follow basic public health and hygiene rules such as washing hands, wearing masks at all times before and after eating and drinking, and refraining from talking and moving while eating.

// For inquiries, contact Media Relations, Ministry of Health and Welfare
044-202-2047 or fairytale@korea.kr


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