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Additional countermeasures on facilities susceptible to COVID-19 infection

  • Date : 2022-08-26
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Additional countermeasures on facilities susceptible to COVID-19 infection

요양병원 등 감염취약시설 추가 대응방안


August 24, 2022

To strengthen the protection of infection-vulnerable facilities, the Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasure Headquarters are providing financial support for infection control to convalescent hospitals and mental health hospitals in the form infection control fees (since August 1) to support hospitals designating infection control managers and infection control training to the staff at these facilities (since June).

Also, scenario-based on-site simulation training for various situations of confirmed cases and facility types will take place starting late August. The government will continue to reinforce countermeasures for prevention and outbreak of COVID-19 infection.

Current COVID-19 response measures in place for these hospitals (such as preemptive testing of workers, non-face-to-face visits, restriction on going out and staying overnight other than for getting essential outpatient medical care) will remain in place during Chuseok, in consideration of the scale of the current wave of the outbreak and positivity rate of preemptive testing.

More mobile medical task forces, which are teams that visit nursing homes to provide in-person medical care services, will continue to be formed in each city/county/district, and medical care support via the current systems such as contract physicians and respiratory care centers will also continue to be provided.

The government will also periodically check oral antiviral prescription rate and continue to encourage clinics and hospitals to prescribe these oral treatments for alleviating severe symptoms.

A research project is underway (from June to November) study ventilation standard for infection prevention and control purposes. The government is also recommending frequent ventilation to the vulnerable facilities with cooperation of associated organizations.

Medical devices for confirmed cases treatment in cohort facilities (such as mobile clinic module, oxygen therapy device, etc) will be provided.

The Cental Disaster and Safety Countermeasure Headquarters will continue to improve response system and implement the existing measures.

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