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"Biomedical Breakthroughs in the Post-COVID-19 Era ― Why and How“

  • Date : 2022-09-02
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"Biomedical Breakthroughs in the Post-COVID-19 Era — Why and How“
“포스트코로나 시대, 바이오헬스 혁신을 묻다”

AUG 31, 2022

The Ministry of Health and Welfare announced that it will hold the "2022 Seoul Bio Economy Forum" at the Korea Federation of SMEs (headquartered in Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul) at 9:30 AM on Wednesday, August 31.

This year’s forum, marking its fifth annual event since its inception in 2018, will be held via a hybrid in-person/webinar* format under the theme "Transformative innovation models to accelerate biomedical breakthroughs for better health in the post-COVID-19 world."

* Online stream: www.seoulbioeconomy.com

The forum will bring together leading experts from home and abroad to discuss R&D innovation systems for solving new and emerging health problems such as novel infectious diseases, aging population, and climate change and to share innovative biomedical R&D systems that countries around the world have been implementing since the outbreak of COVID-19.

As the first keynote speaker, Tara A. Schwetz, Acting Principal Deputy Director at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), will deliver a presentation on "Innovating at NIH and Establishing ARPA-H" to introduce NIH's innovation programs such as COVID-19 Response and Cancer Moonshot, share the background of the creation of the Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health (ARPA-H), and discuss the importance of technological innovation in solving healthcare challenges.

Adam Russell, NIH Acting Deputy Director, will be the second speaker and present on the theme "ARPA-H's Why, What, and How" to share the procedures and methods ARPA-H is currently adopting to define the causes of healthcare problems and create solutions.

The third speaker, Wellcome Leap CEO Regina E. Dugan, who served as the director of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), will offer her insights on "Changing the Business of Breakthroughs."

Professor Nakanishi Makoto of The University of Tokyo and AMED Moonshot Project 7 PM in Japan will be the fourth speaker and introduce Japan's innovation program through his presentation "Aiming to Extend Healthy Life Span by Eliminating Senescent Cells."

Lastly, Park Gu-sun, Senior Research Fellow at Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science, will present on the theme "Change, Challenge and Chance of Turning an ARPA Model in Korea Biohealth R&D." The forum will wrap up with a panel discussion between the speakers, Professor Seo Jong-mo of Seoul National University, and Research Fellow Jang Pil-seong of the Science and Technology Policy Institute, moderated by Professor Song Si-young of Yonsei University.

In his pre-recorded congratulatory remarks via video, Lee Ki-il, the 2nd Vice Minister of Health and Welfare reiterated, "The Korean government is also committed to accelerating breakthroughs through bold investment and innovation to overcome healthcare challenges such as infectious diseases, cancer, rare incurable diseases, low birthrates, and the aging population."

He further stated, "Benchmarking the US's ARPA-H, we will reorganize our medical R&D system, shifting from the current short-term and segmented model to a mission-driven, long-term planning model.“

//For inquiries contact Media Relations, Ministry of Health and Welfare
044-202-2047 or fairytale@korea.kr

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