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COVID-19 Test Policy for Entry Improved: Mandatory Pre-entry Test Lifted

  • Date : 2022-09-02
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COVID-19 Test Policy for Entry Improved: Mandatory Pre-entry Test Lifted

해외입국 검사정책 개편 입국 전 검사 중단


AUG 31, 2022

The Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasure Headquarters (CDSCH) were debriefed by the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency (Commissioner: Peck Kyong Ran) on the measure about the improvement of the COVID-19 test policy for entry to South Korea and had discussions on the matter.

The government will lift mandatory pre-entry submission of a negative COVID-19 test result, effective from 3rd September.

As the COVID-19 resurgence in summer has entered a downward trend and conditions are set to re-drive a back-to-normal policy for entry to Korea, the mandatory pre-entry COVID-19 test will be discontinued, in consideration of inbound/outbound Korean citizens’ inconvenience.

Meanwhile, the mandatory PCR test within 1 day after arrival will remain unchanged to ensure early detection of COVID-19 confirmed cases and conduct strict surveillance of new variants being imported, and all the entrants will be encouraged to swiftly register their testing results on the Quarantine COVID-19 Defense (Q-Code) system.

This policy change is backed by the government’s COVID-19 control direction focused more on protection of high-risk groups, rather than on such measures as social distancing to contain the spread of the infections, amid a declining trend in the fatality rate and in the rate of progression into severe and critical disease since the Omicron variant became a dominant strain.

Also, considering that inbound travellers, whose number continues to increase, face difficulties arising from being put into quarantine leading to an extension of their stay overseas when infected with COVID-19 and that, with the prolonged pandemic, COVID-19 testing in some medical facilities overseas is not in strick compliance with relevant guidelines, the government decided to lift the pre-entry negative test requirement through consultation with experts and relevant Ministries.

The government requested that, as the policy change for entry will discontinue pre-entry COVID-19 testing, all entrants must take a PCR test within 1 day of their arrival and immediately register the test results with the Q-code system.

The government also stated that it would quickly switch its disease control system to strengthen entry control, such as by re-adoption of the mandatory PCR test, if a WHO-desginated variant of concern emerges with a high fatality rate.

// This English text of the press release is only for helping readers understand the original Korean text and is not final. For correct understanding, please look at the Korean text of the press release.

For inquiry, contact the Risk Communication Team of the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency (+82-43-719-9339).

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