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MERS Statistics (August 2)

  • Date : 2015-08-03
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¨ Table 1. Current status of MERS cases in the Republic of Korea


of cases

Laboratory- confirmed cases



Under Treatment

Released from quarantine







Increase or decrease

(August 2)






* No additional confirmed cases have been reported for the 28th straight day since July 4.

** 11 out of the 12 cases under treatment have tested negative for MERS-CoV by two PCR tests, and all of the 11 cases were transferred from negative-pressure isolation rooms to general wards for ongoing treatment.

Currently, the states of 9 cases are stable and those of 3 cases are unstable. The 3 cases, who are unstable, are relying on devices such as an artificial respirator or ECMO (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation) for the maintenance of oxygen saturation.

¨ Table 2. Quarantine status of suspected cases from the Middle East after July 1 and contacts linked to them

Status of Quarantine

Suspected cases


Released from quarantine





Total (As of 6:00 on August 2)




* Of travelers from the Middle East, three with suspected symptoms are being under quarantine, and 66 family members and contacts on the same plane were placed in quarantine.

a) A man, aged 37, returned from Oman on July 30, showed a symptom of fever on July 31, and took the first PCR test after being put under quarantine on August 1 (The result of his PCR test for MERS-CoV came out negative). He is expected to have the second PCR test on August 3.

b) A man, aged 47, showed a symptom of fever while returning from Kuwait on August 1, and took the first test after being under quarantine on August 1 (the result came out negative). He is expected to have the second PCR test on August 3.

c) A man, aged 63, returned from United Arab Emirates on July 27 and showed a symptom of fever on July 30, but he has had no symptoms since August 1. Currently, he is being under home quarantine (He tested negative for MERS-CoV on August 2, and will have the second test on August 4.).

** The 3rd contact is not included, because of being under investigation.

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