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‘Sharing Recipe- 100 ways to make the world happy’ published

  • Date : 2012-01-10
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Do you want to know 100 ways to share?

- ‘Sharing Recipe- 100 ways to make the world happy’ published-

Ministry of Health and Welfare published “Sharing Recipe – 100 ways to make the world happy

hereinafter, referred to as “Sharing Recipe”)” that introduces easy ways to share with one


Sharing Recipe introduces 100 ways to deliver warm love to our neighbors in need like a recipe

book that teaches how to make tasty food.

It shows what individuals and corporations can do to share with the underprivileged children, the

disabled, the elderly, and the sick, etc through actual cases by different group of people.

What individuals can do to share are “1% sharing – donating 1% of one’s salary,” “anniversary

donation- making a donation to a charity organization, etc on an anniversary such as birthday

and wedding anniversary instead of exchanging gifts,” “donation card- mileage donation upon

card usage amount,” “SNS reply donation- donation accumulated upon each reply made,” and so


When it comes to corporations, “space donation-donating spare space in a company building or

in an office,” “aid for building a nursery home or a child hospital in a marginalized area,”

“development of customized products and services for patients with incurable diseases or the

disabled,” “support for safety check service for social welfare facilities,” and “one company one

self-support community campaign that promotes product sales through connection with self

support communities” are good ways to share with those in need.

“Sharing Recipe” will help spread the culture of sharing and serve as a guide that encourages

individuals and companies to more actively participate in sharing with the underprivileged.

“Sharing Recipe” can be downloaded in an electronic form from the website of Ministry of Health

and Welfare. (www.mw.go.kr/「정보」「연구/보고/간행물」「발간자료」)

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