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Safer and Healthier Senior Sex

  • Date : 2012-01-17
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Safer and Healthier Senior Sex

-Making public worries that senior citizen secretly have to come up with solution

Among 500 senior citizens that have answered a questionnaire concerning the elderly’s sex life, those who said that they are having a sex life account for 66.2%. The number of those who have infected with STD was high; 17.2% for gonorrhea,17.2% for vaginitis and urethritis and 5.7% for public lice.

Those who have bought an adult sex device account for 19.6% of the entire number of the respondents. More and more senior citizens want to use drug or some device to support their weakened sex ability. Therefore, it appears that those products’ safety needs to be heeded.

Ministry of Health and Welfare (Minister Rim, Chae Min) reported a result of the survey on senior sex life, based upon which Ministry will strengthen counseling and education programs to support senior citizens’ healthier and safer sex lives.

This survey looked at the reality of senior citizens’ sex life which had never been openly discussed in public before and also studied the status of use of adult products and sex devices by the elderly. The survey result will be published in a manual to help the senior citizens solve any troubles they may have in their sex lives.

2011 Cases of Sex Counseling for the Elderly by Planned Population Federation of Korea

Sexual function

Sex conflict in marriage

Date with the opposite sex

Sexual impulsion

Drug, STD, etc






The number of healthy senior citizens is increasing as the population is aging and life expectancy is extended and there is a growing number of those who have difficulty with having a sex life in marriage due to a spouse’s death, divorce, etc..

Many senior citizens are worrying about their sex issues and it turns out that many have suffered sex-related consumer damages, sex offense, family troubles, etc.

An analysis that Ministry of Health and Welfare conducted concerning the survey result on senior sex life is as below.

Two thirds and more of the elderly aged 65 and older are still having a sex life.

Frequency of STD among those who have a sex life (331) was high at 36.9% (122 persons) and types of STD they suffer most are gonorrhea (50.0%, 61 persons) , vaginitis and urethritis (17.2%, 21 persons) , public lice and syphilis (1.6%, 2 persons) and 15.6% of the respondents who have a sex life answered that they didn’t know what type of STD they were suffering. ○When it comes to using a condom when they buy sex, those who said that they are not using a condom accounted for 44.7% (80 persons) while those who said that they are using it sometimes accounted for 27.9% (50 persons), which is higher than the number of those who always use a condom (27.4%, 49 persons).

Many of those who are having a sex life have purchased adult products (19.6%), impotence medicine (50.8%), and sex devices (13.6) and it appears that a significant number of them have suffered side effects of those products that they have used.

Based on the survey result, Ministry will reinforce sex education and counseling for the elderly, senior center workers and the general public in order to create a healthy senior sex culture and improve social understanding of the elderly’s sex.

To this end, Ministry will carry out “blind dates for the senior citizens,” make a guidebook on the “understanding of the senior sex,” for elderly center workers, offer “married couple education” for prevention of marriage troubles among married senior couples as well as “circulating sex education and counseling” in senior citizen-concentrated areas through the Planned Population Federation of Korea starting from this year.

- In addition, it will provide support for the elderly to resolve their worries and problems with sex that they are secretly suffering.

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