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Mongol comes to learn about Korean medicine

  • Date : 2012-01-18
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Mongol comes to learn about Korean medicine

- An agreement on training of 68 Mongolian medical workers reached between Mongolian Ministry of Health and Samsung Seoul Hospital (worth one million dollars)

Ministry of Health and Welfare (Minister Rim , Chae Min) informed that the agreement on a training program for Mongolian medical workers was reached as of 16 Jan. 2011 between the Mongolian Ministry of Health and Samsung Seoul Hospital (Director Choi, Han Yong).

The Mongolian Ministry of Health will send 68 medical workers to Samsung Seoul Hospital for the purpose of training at five different times between Apr. 2012 and Jun. 2013 (for 15 months) in accordance with the above agreement.

(Training areas) Clinical Immunology (22 persons), medical imaging (5 persons), pediatric endoscopy (4 persons), pediatric laparoscopic surgery (5 persons), pediatric rehabilitation (5 persons), pediatric ophthalmology (5 persons), pediatric orthopedics (4 persons), pediatric nursing (8 persons), pediatric cardiothoracic surgery (5 persons), phychiatry (5 persons)

It will pay one million USD to Samsung Seoul Hospital for the medical training program development and the training itself.

As the number of Mongolian patients coming to Korea increases* and medical institutions are advancing to the Mongolian market, thus expanding the demand for cooperation in the health care area between the two countries,

(No. of Mongolian patients that have visited Korea) 850 patients in 2009 (2.0% of 60,201) → ’1,860 patients in 2010 (2.8% of 81,789)

(Advancement of medical institutions) Yonsei Friendly Mongol Hospital (‘89), Songdo Hospital (’07, Most shares were sold to Mongol), Seoul Medical Science Institute (‘03), Namyangjoo Hyundai Hospital (’11)

Ministry of Health and Welfare (Minister Rim, Chae Min) said that MOU (Mar. 2011) and an administrative agreement (Aug. 2011) in the health and medicine area between the health authorities of the two nations were reached last year.

Through the substantial achievement of reaching the agreement on a training of medical workers between Samsung Seoul Hospital and Mongolian Health Authority, the two nations’ cooperation in health and medicine is expected to be even more expanded and accelerated.

The medical worker training program is a representative cooperation program in the health and medicine area.

Along with the recent increase of the number of foreign patients visiting Korea, the recognition of “Medical Korea” is being enhanced.

Each year, more and more foreign medical workers are coming to Korea for medical training to learn experiences and know-hows of the Korean medicine that is rapidly developing to a world-class level for a short period of time.

(No. of medical workers coming to Korea for medical training based on the survey data from Korea Hospital Association) (‘09) 17 hospitals, 173 persons, (’10) 17 hospitals, 279 persons (‘11) 216 persons

An official from Ministry of Health and Welfare expects that as the foundation for development of the Korean medicine was laid through the Minnesota Project after the Korean War,

226 Seoul National University Professors went to Minnesota University to learn cutting-edge medicine back then and 59 advisors came and stayed in Korea to oversee the overall training system.

this training program will help upgrade the medical status level and medical environment of Mongol.

(Main death causes in Mongol) Circulatory system diseases 36.1%, cancer 20.8%, trauma and addiction 16.4%

According the agreement reached last year between the two nations’ health authorities, Seoul Project* that delivers Korean medical skills and system/institutions to Mongol and the sending of Mongolian patients concerning 27 severe disease areas, etc will be carried out as cooperation programs.

(Major details) Transfer of Korean medical system such as Korean type hospital system, medical system, and medical university education program, and support for enhancement of the Mongolian medical skills and expertise through training of Mongolian doctors, etc

** cancer, gamma-knife, sever Meniere’s syndrome, retinal hemorrhage, retinal detachment, reconstructive plastic surgery, live/bone marrow transplant, anti-sterilization treatment, etc

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