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Medical Call Center Contact Information

  • Date : 2010-09-24
  • Hit : 5118

Contact Information

The Medical Call Center was founded to resolve the many problems that overseas patients may experience when using a Korean medical service center. Professional consultants provide a consultation service in Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, Russian and Arabic.

Information on Korean Medical Institutes & Treatments

  • Hospitals with English-speaking staff members
  • Information on clinical departments and treatments
  • Information on entry into Korea and clinical treatment procedures
  • Information on invitees, insurance companies, insurance and insurers

Rapid Resolution of Complaints of, and Medical Accidents Involving, Overseas Patients

  • Register complaints concerning the use of Korean medical institutes
  • Provide basic consulting services for overseas patients involved in medical accidents
  • Register medical disputes

Providing Assistance in Emergency Situations

  • Management of contagious diseases
  • Emergency situations due to natural disasters

Contact Us

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