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Introduction of bureau of central medical assessment

  • Date : 2010-10-01
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The Dispute Mediation Secretariat was established to manage medical accidents involving overseas patients.

  • The Medical Dispute Mediation Team, based within the International Medical Project Center of the Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI), was founded in May 2009 to ask as the Secretariat of the medical dispute organization, namely the Central Medical Mediation Committee, under the Medical Service Act.
  • The KHIDI reorganized the secretariat from August - September 2009, and employed professional lawyers, doctors and nurses.

The Secretariat is responsible for preventing and resolving medical disputes that overseas patients may experience.

  • In situations where overseas patients experience medical accidents, the patient or the medical institute may apply to the Central Medical Mediation Committee for an ADR to mediate or intervene.
  • Once the Central Medical Mediation Committee receives a request for mediation, the Secretariat will take charge of the accident at the order of the committee.
  • The Secretariat also strives to minimize the number of medical accidents and/or disputes by carrying out active educational and promotional activities designed to help prevent accidents and disputes.
    • Development and distribution of manuals designed to help prevent and/or resolve medical disputes
    • Provision of guidelines on medical institutes, invitees and patients
    • Development of a standard medical treatment agreement
    • Development of a standard regulation on how to authorize the incomes

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