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Vice Minister Choi Won-young Participates in the 3rd AMMSWD+3

  • Date : 2010-12-29
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Vice Minister Choi Won-young Participates in the 3rd AMMSWD+3

- Discuss methods for cooperation among ASEAN and Korea, China, and Japan
to promote social welfare and development-

□ Vice Minister of Health and Welfare Choi Won-young will participate in the 3rd ASEAN Plus Three Ministerial Meeting for Social Welfare and Development to be held in Brunei on November 26, 2010.

□ The ASEAN Plus Three Ministerial Meeting for Social Welfare and Development is intended to strengthen cooperation in the area of social welfare and development among ASEAN member countries and Korea, China, and Japan. Its first meeting was held in Thailand in 2004 and the second in Vietnam in 2007.

○ The 3rd AMMSWD+3 is to be convened under the theme "Strengthening Family Institution: Caring for the Elderly" with the ministers and representatives responsible for social welfare and development of ten ASEAN Member States, Korea, China, and Japan.
※ Ten ASEAN Member States: Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines,
Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, and Cambodia

○ Choi Won-young, Vice Minister of Health and Welfare, will introduce Korea's policies and vision for its aging society such as the introduction of the Long-term Care Insurance for the Elderly and the Basic Old-age Pension, and the policy on job creation for the elderly.

- He will inform the member countries of Korea's latest policy experiences, including expansion of social services and social integration by promoting culture of sharing.

○ He will also call on the member countries to actively cooperate for the "Home Care for Older People in the ASEAN Member States Project" conducted by HelpAge Korea.
※ Home Care Project: A project to transmit Korea's in-home welfare services to ASEAN Member States by redesigning it to meet
each country's needs

- Major activities include support for home care services such as physical care, support for housekeeping, assistance for disease and
disability care, physical and mental therapy, discovery of community welfare resources, and establishment of a community welfare resource network.

□ This meeting is expected to afford member countries opportunities to share Korea's experiences in promotion of both social welfare and economic development.

○ It will meaningfully help member countries recognize the importance of devising appropriate policy options through each government's efforts and international cooperation for social welfare and development.

○ To that end, Korea plans to actively participate in the concerted efforts by ASEAN Member States and the three northeast Asian countries.

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