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Obligation of the Rich to Share, Richesse Oblige

  • Date : 2011-03-08
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- Minister of Health and Welfare Awards conferred and gratitude and encouragement expressed to 21 people who practiced sharing with the underprivileged -

Whereas sharing out of the public eye was highly regarded in the past, the culture of sharing has gradually evolved to the point that the story of one's sharing is encouraged to be shared with others to attract them into service for neighbors in need.
○ To sustain the trend and share the culture of happiness and positivity with every member of society, the Ministry of Health and Welfare established the "Sharer of the Month" awards in 2011, through which it actively seeks and awards those who practice sharing in our society.

The Ministry of Health and Welfare (Minister Chin Soo-hee) conferred ministerial awards and expressed gratitude to 21 public figures who practiced nobless oblige in our society at the Press Center at 11:30 a.m. Friday, February 18.
○ Among the 14 attendees were singers Park Sang-min and Sean, actor Yoo Ji-tae, announcer Jeong Mi-sun, children's book writer Go Jeong-wook, and business owner Kang Sin-woo.

The 21 people who received the awards this time are also the First "Sharers of the Month" of the Ministry of Health and Welfare.
○ The first group of sharers of the month were discovered and selected through media reports in 2010, under the theme of "public figures who practice noblesse oblige in our society."
○ The wealthy in Korea still have a somewhat unfavorable view of donation. As a result, sharing is not widely practiced among the leading class of society. This calls for the need to socially circulate stories about those who practice noblesse oblige or richesse oblige, and thereby, establish a positive culture.
* 20,000 members of the Tocqueville Society of the US, 44 members of the Honor Society of the Community Chest of Korea (CCK)

Minister Chin told the attendees, "It means a lot to me that I can be in the presence of those who took the initiative in practicing noblesse oblige in our society and have an opportunity to thank them."
○ “I have no doubt that the steady and unwavering spirit of sharing of those who are here today will help our society become happier and more inclusive.” she added.

The theme of sharing award next month will be life sharing, and those who have practiced sharing through donation of blood or organs will be named "Sharers of the Month" and awarded accordingly.
○ Going forward, the Ministry of Health and Welfare plans to aggressively seek and award heretofore unsung sharers of our society under various themes, including donation, talent sharing, and corporate social responsibility. The Ministry receives recommendation for candidates for the award not only by organizations, agencies, or the press but also by ordinary citizens via the ministry's web site.

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