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HT businesses participating in specialized strategy for advancing into the North American market (Columbus project) named

  • Date : 2011-03-25
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□ The Ministry of Health and Welfare (Minister CHIN Soo Hee) named 41 businesses (including 21 pharmaceutical, 17 medical equipment, and 3 cosmetics companies) that will take part in a specialized strategic effort for the HT (Health technology) industry's advance into the North American market ("Columbus project").

○ Seventy-seven companies applied for the public subscription: 35 pharmaceutical, 35 medical equipment, six cosmetics, and one food businesses.

□ The businesses participating in the Columbus project were selected by review according to comprehensive criteria such as current presence in the North American market, competitiveness of products, possibility of advancing into the North American market, and determination to export conducted by an evaluation committee organized in the Korea Health Industry Development Institute (President KIM Bup-Wan).

○ The companies selected this time will receive company-specific service from assistance in product development to marketing, including support for improving their products' global competitiveness such as the conferral of additional points to a business applying for clinical studies in North America; and assistance for licensing of products for the North American market and global marketing.

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