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2011 NA Market Exploration Team

  • Date : 2011-10-26
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2011 NA Market Exploration Team Jointly Dispatched by Ministry of Health and Welfare and Ministry of Knowledge Economy

□ Ministry of Health and Welfare (Minister Rim, Che Min) and Ministry of Knowledge Economy (Minister Choi Joong Kyung) will be jointly sending out the market exploration team in an effort to help the local HT industry advance into the North American market and expand its exports.

ㅇ The market exploration team consisting of 28 domestic pharmaceutical companies and medical equipment manufacturers selected from the contest will participate in the Korea-US HT Partnership event*
* This event will be held between 27 Oct. 11 (Thurs.) and 28 (Fri.) at Marriott Marquis Hotel, Manhattan, New York

- At this partnership event, a network for cooperation in technology transfer, joint research, and distribution within the American market is expected to be established through one-on-one business meetings with American buyer companies.
* Around 100 NA pharmaceutical and medical equipment companies, VC and other investors are anticipated to attend the event.

- Korea's pharmaceutical and medical equipment industry will be introduced and strategies for entering the American market will be discussed at the forum which is scheduled to be held during the event.

□ The dispatch of the market exploration team and the Korea-US HT Partnership event will be carried out under the Memorandum of Understanding reached by the two ministries in May to facilitate the entry of Korea's HT industry into the global market.

ㅇ This is a newly created effort starting from this year that has combined two separate events - "US_Korea Pharma CEO Forum (Korea Health Industry Development Institute)" and "Bio-Bizday (KOTRA)."

□ An official from Ministry of Health and Welfare said that the participating companies including Columbus Project businesses were expected to bring about tangible achievements in facilitating technology transfer, attracting investments and promoting joint research, etc.

ㅇ He also added that the two ministries would continue to cooperate in developing joint projects to support the local HT industry in tapping into overseas markets.

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