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Government strongly recommends not using humidifier disinfectants

  • Date : 2011-11-04
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Government strongly recommends not using humidifier disinfectants

- Animal test on humidifier disinfectants revealed lung damage –

Ministry of Health and Welfare(Minister Rim, Chae Min) and Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(Director Jeon, Byung Yul) strongly recommended stopping using humidifier disinfectants upon tentative results from the tests that have been being conducted to identify a cause of the lung disease suspected of having been caused by humidifier disinfectants.

It is strongly recommended not only to consumers but also to sellers and dealers that the use and sales of humidifier disinfectants be completely stopped because of the result of the first autopsy of the laboratory mice that inhaled the disinfectants revealing lung damages and considering that winter is the season most people use humidifiers.

The animal tests on inhalation of humidifier disinfectants are being carried out as a 3-month plan starting from the end of Sep. and if the laboratory mice autopsy results show the same symptoms of the lung disease exhibited in the patients and victims found earlier in August, a cause-and-effect relationship between the disinfectants and the lung disease can be confirmed.

Group 1, 2 and 3: These groups are exposed to three different humidifier disinfectant products found suspected of causing the lung damage as a result of the epidemiologic assessment.

Group 4: This group is not exposed to the humidifier disinfectants(control group)

In the inhalation tests, 80 laboratory mice were divided into four groups (20 mice per each) and an autopsy was conducted after one month and another will be carried out after three months will have passed to observe changes in the lungs.

The tentative result of the first autopsy shows that the mice that inhaled some of the disinfectant products have displayed symptoms of the lung damage. It still has to go through the final epidemiological assessment and reviews by experts. The final result is anticipated to be confirmed sometime next week.

In addition to the three disinfectant products used in the tests this time, other products will be tested as well.

In this regard, Ministry of Health and Welfare again strongly recommends all citizens not to use humidifier disinfectants and urges sellers to stop selling them. It also offers instructions for safe use of humidifiers without using disinfectants .

Concerning certain disinfectant products finally confirmed to be related to the lung damage, an order to withdraw them from the market will be issued according to the Basic Laws on Product Safety.

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