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“Confidence-Building at the Global IT Challenge for Youth with Disabilities!”

  • Date : 2019-11-28
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“Confidence-Building at the Global IT Challenge for Youth with Disabilities!”

- Information Technology (IT) Competition and Festival for Youth with Disabilities from around the World
2019 Global IT Challenge(GITC*) for Youth with Disabilities Awards Ceremony (11.28) -

- ‘The Global IT Leader Award’, the award for excellence awarded to Fernandez Florenz Jaime, a 17-years-old visually-impaired from the Philippines -

* (GITC) In order to improve the information literacy of the youths with disabilities in the ASIA·Pacific region and to enhance their social participation such as enrollment and employment, the Rehabilitation International Korea and LG have hosted GITC as an international development cooperation project, being on a tour around different Asian countries since 2011.

□ The Ministry of Health and Welfare, Organizing Committee for Global Disability and Youth IT Challenge, LG proudly presented the International Information Technology (IT) Festival for Youth with Disability from all over the world, and the '2019 Global Disability and Youth IT Challenge' Award Ceremony was held at Pukyong National University (Hanmir Bldg., Youngdang Campus) on November 28th, 2019, at 10a.m..

○ In this ceremony, about 400 participants including about a hundred youths with disabilities from 20 countries in the world, the government officials, representatives from disability field, the MoHW, Pukyong National University, Busan-city and LG electronics participated in.

□ Held as a side event of 2019 ASEAN-Republic of Korea Commemorative Summit, this IT challenge has two individual competitions (eLifeMap Challenge, eTool Challenge), and two team competitions (eContents Challenge, eCreative challenge) from 26 to 27 November.
○ The winner who showed the most excellent capability during the competition was awarded the Global IT Leader Award which is awarded by the minister of Health and Welfare, and two individual competition’s awards went to each type of disabilities, and two team competition’s awards, which is awarded by the president of organizing committee, went to each team (country) from the 1st to the 3rd.

- Separately, 3 youths with severe disabilities who achieved well was awarded ‘LG electronics CEO Award’, ‘UN ESCAP executive secretary Award’ and ‘Rehabilitation International (RI Global) Award’.

□ The winner of the Global IT Leader Award, Fernandez Florenz Jaime, who is a 17-year-old visually-impaired from the Philippines, said “Cooperation with my colleague in the team competition made me win the Global IT Leader Award.”

○ “I may have a disability, but this competition has given me the confidence to communicate more actively with the world, and I want to work in the ICT field in the future.”

□ At the ceremony, Byoung-jun Bae, the Director of Social Welfare Policy at the Ministry of Health and Welfare, said, “Each young person from every country has established ‘communication and fellowship’ where they can understand each other beyond religion, culture and borders.”

○ He went on to say, "the youth who participated in the IT Challenge are first-rate citizen diplomats who have laid the foundation for peace, coexistence, international exchange and cooperation."

□ In-gyu Kim, Chairman of the Organizing Committee, stated, “the IT Challenge will have its 10th anniversary next year, and has moved one step closer to a true 'IT Olympics', where youth with disabilities around the world can realize their dreams through IT.”

○ He also emphasized that "the competition is not an end but a beginning which will develop into an international community of youth with disabilities who can reach within their home countries and develop their dreams together."

□ After the awards ceremony, all youth participants and leaders from each country will have the chance to experience aspects of Korean culture before returning home on Friday, November 29.

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