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Korea and Vietnam to Expand Health and Welfare Cooperation

  • Date : 2019-08-28
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Korea and Vietnam to Expand Health and Welfare Cooperation
- Vice Minister of Health and Welfare to Visit Vietnam to Explore Cooperation in Social Security and Healthcare from Aug 28 to 29 -
- Signing an MOU on Social Security, Participating in the Opening Ceremony of the Center for Korea-Vietnam Medical Industry Cooperation –

□ The Ministry of Health and Welfare (MOHW, Vice Minister Kim, Ganglip) announced that Vice Minister Kim, Ganglip will go on a two-day business trip to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, with an aim to advance cooperation in the field of social security and healthcare with Vietnam from August 28 to 29 (Wed-Thu), 2019.
○ The visit will provide an opportunity to further develop health and welfare cooperation with Vietnam, a key partner country under the New Southern Policy. The people-centric bilateral cooperation is based on the value of “health”, creating a win-win for both countries and a momentum for joint growth.
○ During the visit, Vice Minister Kim will have a meeting with Le Tan Dung, Vice Minister of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs (MOLISA) and sign the first MOU on social security cooperation with Vietnam.
- Furthermore, Vice Minister Kim will discuss ways to work together in the field of healthcare in a meeting with Nguyen Truong Son, Vice Minister of Health, and attend the opening ceremony of the Center for Korea-Vietnam Medical Industry Cooperation.
□ The MOHW and the delegation from the private sector* will meet Le Tan Dung, Vice Minister of the MOLISA in Hanoi, Vietnam on August 28 (Wed) and sign the MOU on cooperation in the field of social security between the MOHW and the MOLISA to strengthen social security cooperation which has long been sidelined from bilateral cooperation since both countries opened diplomatic ties in 1992.
* List of the delegation: Lim Hee-teag (President of the Social Security Information Service), Heo Seon (President of the Korea Human Resource Development Institute for Health & Welfare), Seol Jeong-guon (Secretary General of the Korea National Council on Social Welfare) and Choi Eun-sook (General Manager of the Community Chest of Korea)
○ The MOU signing will accelerate cooperation on social welfare including income security, welfare policies on children, the elderly and persons with disabilities, delivery and information systems, pooling and connecting private resources.
□ In addition, with the presence of Vice Minister Kim, the Social Security Information Service (SSIS, President Lim Hee-teag), the Korea National Council on Social Welfare (KNCSW, Chairman Seo Sang-mok), the Community Chest of Korea (CCK, Chairman Ye Jong-suk) will sign MOUs with the MOLISA and relevant organizations of Vietnam to share experience and know-hows on promoting private resources including cooperation on social security informatization, a Korean-style food bank and community fund-raising system.
○ The social security information system of Korea comprises 75 organizations and connects more than 1,000 types of information to provide customized services to recipients, manage support history and find a possible blind spot.
- In this sense, as Vietnam needs to establish an information system in the fields of income security and social services, this agenda will be at the center of future-oriented bilateral cooperation in the years to come.
○ The KNCSW, with the experience of working together with Ho Chi Minh City, will share its experience with the MOLISA in regard to the operation of a Korean-style food bank in which food and daily products donated by the public go to vulnerable groups.
- The KNCSW plans to conduct a preliminary study on local companies and vulnerable groups in Vietnam through working-level discussions after the MOU signing.
○ Since the Community Chest of Korea Act entered into force in 1998, the CCK has started the first extensive fund-raising at the end of every year and grown into a world-renowned community chest organization. The CCK will share its experience and know-hows on community fund-raising.
○ On the other hand, the Korea Human Resource Development Institute for Health & Welfare (KOHI) has operated the Welfare Korea Academy, an invitational training course for public officials in social welfare, on a consignment contract. The KOHI will sign MOUs on nurturing professionals in health and welfare with the Training School on Labour and Social Affairs under the MOLISA and the University of Labour and Social Affairs, respectively.
- Building upon the MOU signing, they will develop a relevant curriculum, operate training courses, share experience on research cooperation and broaden bilateral cooperation.
□ A day later, on August 29 (Thu), Vice Minister Kim will meet his counterpart Nguyen Truong Son, Vice Minister of Health in Ho Chi Minh City, and discuss cooperative measures across healthcare such as the health insurance system and the licensing examination for medical personnel.
○ Vietnam has been deeply interested in the national health insurance system*, the licensing examination for medical professionals** and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention of Korea (KCDC)***, hoping to introduce a Korean-style system in the country, which will be discussed during the meeting.
* The Healthcare MOU between the MOHW and MOH signed in March 14, 2019
* The tripartite MOU between the HIRA, MOH and the Vietnam Social Security signed in June 18, 2019
** The MOU between the Korea Health Personnel Licensing Examination Institute and the MOH signed in March 14, 2019
*** The meeting between the Vietnamese Minister and the Director of the KCDC held in March 15, 2019
□ Moreover, various events will be held to promote the exchange between healthcare industries of the two countries during the visit.
○ First and foremost, the opening ceremony of the Center for Korea-Vietnam Medical Industry Cooperation will be held with the presence of Vice Minister Kim Ganglip, Consul-General Lim Jaehoon from the Korean Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City, Director of Planning Kim Choil from the KHIDI and involved officials from Korea.
- Following the Shanghai Center opened in last September, the Center is going to open its doors in Vietnam to provide an office space and meeting rooms for Korean medical institutions, pharmaceutical and medical device companies that attempt to make inroads into the Vietnamese market, sharing local information and supporting network building.
- Vice Minister Kim will attend the opening ceremony and assert that “Ho Chi Minh City is an economic hub and the biggest consumption market, thereby serving as the best destination for the Korean healthcare industry to expand its global reach,” and
* As of 2017, per capita GDP of Ho Chi Minh City (USD 5,617) was more than twice higher than that of Vietnam (USD 2,313).
- “As leading players, Korean tenant companies need to make a good precedent in Vietnam.”
* 4 Korean companies attracting international patients to be tenant for the Center: SIM Co., BTMEDI Co., Airman Korea Co. and Unimedi Korea-GMS Union (Consortium)
□ Along the way, there will be the Introduction to Korean Medicine and signing ceremony for MOUs between private sectors.
○ First of all, the Introduction to Korean Medicine will be joined by prominent medical institutions of Korea* to introduce Korean medicine to Vietnam and provide a forum for cooperation between private sectors. The event will be held on August 29 (Thu) at the InterContinental Hotel, Ho Chi Minh City.
- The event will attract medical institutions, intermediary companies for international patients and journalists of Vietnam, being followed by one-on-one business meetings.
* Seoul National University Hospital, Catholic University of Korea Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital, Asan Medical Center, Severance Hospital, Ewha Womans University Medical Center, Korea University Anam Hospital, Bobath Memorial Hospital, Sun Medical Center, MizMedi Hospital, Sejong Hospital, and etc.
○ On the occasion, an MOU signing ceremony between private institutions is scheduled to be held. Vice Ministers of Health of both countries will participate to celebrate.
- The KHIDI, the Korea International Medical Association (KIMA) and Shinhan Bank Vietnam will sign a tripartite MOU on the promotion of Korean medicine in Vietnam, which is expected to raise the awareness on Korean medicine and increase the number of Vietnamese patients visiting Korea for treatment.
* Promotion of Korean medicine by offering a discount in hospital bills to the holder of Shinhan Card Vietnam and providing lectures on health to VIPs
□ Vice Minister Kim, Ganglip of Health and Welfare asserted that “now is the time for Korea, the country achieved a rapid economic growth, to garner support from the international community and meet the expectations placed upon through various cooperation and exchanges with the international society,”
○ “As Korea has competitive assets in the healthcare sector, the cooperation with Vietnam will provide an opportunity to grow together,” and
○ “The MOHW will continue to develop cooperative relations in the fields of health and welfare with Vietnam to spread the progress made in the cooperation across the South East Asia.”

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