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MoHW to Strengthen Cooperation with ASEAN Member States

  • Date : 2019-08-30
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MoHW to Strengthen Cooperation with ASEAN Member States

Vice Minister Gang-Lip Kim participated in the 8th ASEAN+3 Health Ministers Meeting (Aug 30)

□ Vice Minister Gang-Lip Kim of Health and Welfare (Minister: Neung-Hoo Park) participated in the 8th ASEAN+3 Health Ministers Meeting held in Siem Reap, Cambodia under the theme of ‘Accelerating Health For All in ASEAN’, as the head delegate of the government of the Republic of Korea.

○ ASEAN+3 Health Ministers Meeting is a regional consultative meeting participated by 10 ASEAN Member States* and Korea, China, and Japan, to discuss measures to strengthen health cooperation in the Region.
* Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Myanmar, Laos, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Brunei, Cambodia

□ Vice Minister Kim delivered a keynote speech reflecting on the topic of “Sustainable Health Financing For All in ASEAN”, and introduced Korea’s achievements in Universal Health Coverage (UHC) delivered through the National Health Insurance (NHI) system as well as the financing mechanism for the insurance system.

○ He also shared the Korean government’s emphasis on strengthening coverage of the NHI system and efforts to secure sustainable financing for the system.

○ Korea introduced the NHI system in 1977 and achieved universal health coverage in 1989 within the shortest period of time in the history of global health. The country now has achieved health outcomes higher than the OECD average*.

* In 2017, Korea’s infant mortality was 2.8/1000 (OECD average: 3.8/1000) and life expectancy was 82.7 (OECD average: 80.7) according to the 2019 OECD health data.

- The improvements in health outcomes has resulted in growing demand for cooperation from various countries in Asia, Africa, etc.

○ The Korean government has been operating a training course for policy sharing since 2004 and provides policy consulting and technological assistance to China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Cambodia, Myanmar, Ghana, and Ethiopia via institutions such as National Health Insurance Corporation (NHIC), Health Insurance Review & Assessment (HIRA), Korea Foundation for International Healthcare (KOFIH), World Health Organization, and World Bank.

□ With regards to the topic of ‘Strengthen Capacity to Implement IHR* through APSEDⅢ**’, Vice Minister Kim provided updates on Korea’s efforts to revise its National Infection Prevention and Control System since the MERS Outbreak in 2015 and shared achievements.

* IHR: International Health Regulations

** APSEDⅢ: Asia Pacific Strategy for Emerging Diseases and Public Health Emergencies

○ He highlighted the importance of actions by health authorities to prepare for a potential public health emergency caused by emerging infectious diseases and suggested the need for technological cooperation by Plus 3 countries to strengthen their ASEAN Member States’ prevention and response capabilities against infectious diseases.

□ In the 8th ASEAN+3 Health Minister’s Meeting, ASEAN+3 countries agreed to the joint statement* which states their agreement to deepen cooperation to promote health in the region.
* ① Strengthen capacity to implement IHR through APSEDⅢ ② Respond to risk factors of NCDs ③ Access to quality medicine ④ Cooperation in achieving Universal Health Coverage, etc.

□ Vice Minister Kim also participated in bilateral meetings with Vice Ministers of Vietnam and Cambodia to discuss health cooperation.

○ Vietnam: Minister Nhuyen Thi Kim Tien of Health agreed to review cooperation projects following the MOU signed in March regarding health insurance management systems and introduction of healthcare personnel examination in Vietnam; and agreed to strengthen comprehensive coordination with Korea in the healthcare sector.

○ Cambodia: Minister MAM Bunheng discussed cooperation projects with Korea for UHC in Cambodia.

- Korea has built a longstanding partnership with the Cambodian Health Ministry by conducting the Integrated Package of Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn, ad Child Health* and Enhancing capacity of Ang Duong ENT hospital in Cambodia**.
* Integrated Package of Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn, ad Child Health (2011-2021): USD 21 million, KOFIH
** Enhancing capacity of Ang Duong ENT hospital in Cambodia (2018-): USD 8 million, KOICA

- The Payment Certificate Agency (PCA) of Cambodia shared its achievements of modeling on Korea’s data utilization and health spending assessment and evaluation via the multilateral cooperation project between the PCA of Cambodia, HIRA of Korea, and World Bank, and discussed follow-up projects.

* The Cambodian government operates a Health Equity Fund to support health expenditure of low-income households and achieve UHC. The government established PCA in September 2017 by modeling on Korea’s HIRA under the MoHW to assess health expenditure.

□ Vice Minister Kim commented that “This meeting once again showed Korea’s leadership and status in the ASEAN Region and high expectations ASEAN Member States hold for Korea.”

○ He added, “Korea will meet the expectation of ASEAN Member States by showing initiative in the healthcare sector through my government’s New Southern Policy.”

<Attached> 1. 8th ASEAN+3 Health Minister’s Meeting Schedule
2. 8th ASEAN+3 Health Minister’s Meeting Joint Statement (Draft) (Kor)
3. 8th ASEAN+3 Health Minister’s Meeting Joint Statement (Draft) (Eng)

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