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Ceremony on 23th Day for Older Persons on Oct 2

  • Date : 2019-10-02
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Ceremony on 23th Day for Older Persons on Oct 2

- President Moon and First Lady’s Letter of Congratulation and Longevity Stick to Centenarians -
- Awarding 112 for Contribution to Elderly Welfare -

□ The Ministry of Health and Welfare (MOHW, Minister Neunghoo Park) announced that the ceremony for 23th Day for Older Persons will be held at the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Seoul on October 2, 2019 (Wed) 11:00 AM.

○ The event will attract around 400 people including Vice Minister Kim, Ganglip of Health and Welfare, Party Leaders of the National Assembly, participants from the elderly associations such as the Korean Senior Citizens Association and medal awardees.

□ Following the written congratulatory remarks from President Moon Jae-in, Changmin Oh and Jeongjik Lee will receive the letter of congratulation and Cheongryeojang (longevity stick) from President Moon and the First Lady wishing for health and longevity on behalf of 1,550 elderly who turned 100 this year, and governmental reward for people who made contributions on elderly welfare.

* Cheongryeojang is a light and solid stick made of a grass called goosefoot. Cheongryeojang symbolizes health and longevity and it is said that the tradition of king granting Cheongryeojang to the elderly has handed down since Unified Silla.

○ This year’s event will include a session to watch the videos on healthy life of the two centenarians, congratulate their longevity and wish them happiness.

○ Among 39 awardees for Government Decorations, Jaehong Kim, CEO of Dong-gu Community Network, and Honggeun Park, Chairman of Gupo Sungshim Hospital, will be given the Order of Civil Merit.
* Two awardees for Order of Civil Merit, two for Medals of Civil Honor, 15 for Presidential Citation and 19 for Prime Minister’s Citation

- CEO Kim is getting the Order of Civil Merit in recognition of spreading the culture of donation for the elderly who live alone and contributing to building an inclusive society even during difficult times as an entrepreneur.

- Chairman Park is receiving the Decoration in recognition of providing medical services to the elderly living alone as a medical professional and contributing to promoting elderly welfare such as delivering healthy drinks to prevent lonely deaths of the elderly.

□ Vice Minister Kim of Health and Welfare said that “the ceremony on Day for Older Persons will be a great opportunity to promote social interest and respect for the elderly”, and that “we hope that the elderly stay healthy and happy at all times.”

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