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How to Cooperate with Global Health Organizations

  • Date : 2018-10-31
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How to Cooperate with Global Health Organizations

- International Forum
for Korean pharmaceuticals and diagnostics companies -

□ The International Forum on “How to Cooperate with Global Health Organizations in the field of Medicines and Diagnostic Products,” hosted by the Ministry of Health and Welfare (Minister Park Neung-hoo) and organized by the Korea Health Industry Development Institute (President Lee Young-chan), will be held on November 1 at EL Tower, Seoul.

※ The program is hosted as part of the 2018 Healthcare Industry Performance Exchange Program (11.1-2, EL Tower)

ㅇ This event is designed to support the continuous growth of exports of pharmaceuticals and medical devices by promoting cooperation between international organizations and domestic companies in the healthcare field.

* Exports of pharmaceuticals: (Q1, Q2 of 2017) $1.7 billion → (2018) $ 2.2 billion (33.0% YoY increase) / Exports of medical equipment : $ 1.5 billion → (2018) $ 1.7 billion (13.3% YoY increase)

ㅇ On November 1 and 2, one-on-one customized consultations between experts of each international organization and domestic pharmaceutical and medical device companies will be provided to create opportunities to discuss further cooperation.

□ The Forum was first held in 2017. In April, international organizations based in America (PAHO and SICA) participated in the event, and UN agencies (UNITAID, UNICEF, WHO) as well as other NGOs (Global Fund, MMV, etc.) participated in November.

ㅇ This year, the forum will provide useful information not only on medicines but also diagnostics. Also, a range of diverse international NGOs will be invited to encourage Korean companies to build networks with global health organizations.

□ The Forum is composed of three sessions. In the first session of the Forum, speakers will present the latest trends in the international procurement market.

ㅇ Following presentations outlining the current status of infectious diseases worldwide and cooperative measures with international organizations,

ㅇ UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund) and PAHO (Pan-American Health Organization), two bodies with the largest procurement volume in the health sector, will share the latest information on procurement of medicines and diagnostic equipment.

□ In the second session, speakers will introduce potential partners among international organizations for Korean corporations.

ㅇ The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the world's largest private foundation, will introduce how it offers funding for technological development of neglected diseases.
ㅇ The cases of PATH, developing and delivering infectious disease treatment technologies in developing countries, and FIND, actively cooperating with global partners to develop diagnostic tools to be used in the poorest countries, will also be introduced in the second session.

□ In the last session, training on how to participate in WHO bids will be provided.

ㅇ Experts from the WHO will provide guidance on procedures and precautions for pre-qualification of medicines and medical devices, a mandatory requirement for participation in bids by international organizations.

* PQ (Pre-qualification): A system used by the WHO to assess the quality, safety and efficacy of products and the safety management capacity of the producing country's regulatory agencies for the purpose of supplying medicines and medical devices to developing countries

□ Hye-seon Kim, the Director General of the Bureau of Global Health Care from the Ministry of Health and Welfare said, "We hope domestic companies in the field of pharmaceuticals and medical devices, struggling to enter the overseas market, will take this opportunity to broaden their network with various international organizations and facilitate the export of their products.”

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