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BIO KOREA Leads Open Innovation, Taking a Technological Leap to the Future!

  • Date : 2019-04-23
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BIO KOREA Leads Open Innovation, Taking a Technological Leap to the Future!

- Hosting BIO KOREA 2019, Korea's biggest international convention
of the health industry from April 17th to 19th -

□ The Ministry of Health and Welfare (Minister Neunghoo Park) announced that BIO KOREA 2019, which aims to lead open innovation of the Korean health industry, will be held in COEX in Seoul from Wednesday, April 17th to Friday, April 19th.

○BIO KOREA has contributed to promoting the technological excellence of Korean bio and pharma industries and to raising the global recognition on Korean health industry by facilitating the international trade and exchange.

○The theme of the 14th BIO KOREA this year is ‘BIO KOREA, Leading Next Technology, Leaping to the Future'.

○ Despite the sluggish global economy, the health industry grows over 5 percent, gaining traction as a future engine for growth. Its market size is expected to reach around USD 11.7 trillion by 2020.

○ The Korean government and bio-pharma companies have continuously made R&D investments for novel drug discovery. In 2018, a total of 11 new drug candidate technologies were exported, which amounted to KRW 5.2 trillion in value.

□ This year, BIO KOREA 2019 will host 25,000 stakeholders in the healthcare sector from 50 countries and offer a variety of programs which will provide opportunities for participants to share success stories about innovative technology development and business deals and to draw up strategies for a technological leap.

○Additionally, prominent researchers from home and abroad will be invited to give lectures on topics, including ① immuno-oncology, ② cell & gene therapy and ③antibody drug, all of which fall under the umbrella of the next generation bio-technology.

○ Participants will also have opportunities to meet with chief technology officers from Yuhan Co., Ltd. and ABL Bio, two of the leading biotech companies driving the innovation of the Korean health industry. Both companies won technology export deals of new drug candidate substances worth KRW 1 trillion.

○ Furthermore, there will be opportunities to have hands-on experience with innovative technology and products in the health industry.

* ▲ Wearable electrocardiogram device developed by Huinno, Korea's first product that has been brought under the 'regulatory sandbox'; ▲ laser blood collector developed by Lameditech to improve the care environment for diabetes patients; ▲ customized anti-body prescription software based on artificial intelligence (AI) technology (platform), developed by Korea University; and ▲ VR ophthalmic inspecting device, one of the 100 tasks (projects) for the next generation of medical devices assigned by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

□ This year, in particular, new programs, including Bio Theater* will be added with a view to promoting an easier understanding and stressing the importance of the health industry.

* Bio Theater

- A special stage located in the middle of Hall C, Coex, open to all participants. Company presentations and special lectures delivered at the Bio Theater will be available not only for on-site participants, but also for interested individuals online.

○ Special lectures and company presentations will be broadcast live on social media networks(SNS).

* Special lectures

1) Biotechnology and its impact on our future: Professor Kim Eun-ki, author of ‘Bio Talk Next to You, Going Towards the Era of BT Beyond the era of IT' (13:00 - 14:00 on April 18, Open Stage of Hall C)

2) Cooperative Relationship Between the Two Different Worlds (Investor & Entrepreneur): Vice President Shin Jung-seop, KB Investment & CEO Lee Jung-kyu of Bridge Biotherapeutics (13:00 - 14:00 on April 19, Open Stage of Hall C))

□ During BIO KOREA 2019, various side events will be held, including Investment Fair and the Strategic Partnership Conference of Korea-Australia Health Industry, which will help develop bio-industries and seek new opportunities.

○ This year’s Investment Fair will be joined by the Korea Business News and present richer contents for bio investment stakeholders.

○ Around 20 Australian corporations will participate in BIO KOREA 2019 to seek partnership with Korean companies. Participants will have discussion regarding how to establish strategic partnership for early-stage clinical trials.

○This year, ‘GPKOL Symposium,’ an academic gathering of world-renowned pharmaceutical experts, will discuss aggressive technology marketing strategies for global market entry, following the previous year’s topic of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and approval/permission.
* GPKOL: Global Pharmaceutical Key Opinion Leader

○ Along the way, the Job Fair will provide employment information in the biopharma sector to job seekers and employers.

□ `Vice Minister of Health and Welfare, Deok-cheol Kwon said, “I hope that BIO KOREA 2019 will serve as a platform in which participants experience the bio-health industry which is becoming a core industry in the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution, providing an opportunity for companies to grow and for Korea to take a new leap through forging new partnerships and exchanges with partners at home and abroad”

○ For more information on BIO KOREA 2019, please visit the web page at www.biokorea.org. Those who haven't pre-registered online can register on-site at the registration desk (3F) at Hall E of COEX from Tuesday, April 16, the day before the commencement of BIO KOREA 2019.

<Appendix> 1. Overview of BIO KOREA 2019 2. Schedule of BIO KOREA 2019

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