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36M S. Koreans Received KRW 2.2T Worth of Healthcare Benefits

  • Date : 2019-07-02
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36M S. Koreans Received KRW 2.2T Worth of Healthcare Benefits

The Ministry of Health and Welfare (MOHW, Minister Neunghoo Park) announced that about 36 million people received KRW 2.2 trillion worth of healthcare benefits, 2 years after the government introduced a plan to expand the National Health Insurance (NHI) coverage.

Under the plan, the NHI started covering uninsured medical treatments for patients with severe diseases, thereby reducing the medical burden of patients to a half or a quarter. To this end, Korea abolished the Selective Medical Treatment System while covering the charges for MRI, ultrasound, and 2-bed and 3-bed hospital rooms.

As the plan celebrates its 2nd anniversary, the MOHW announced the major progress and said that the Ministry will seamlessly implement remaining tasks so that more people feel the benefit of the policy.

In order to build a country without worries over medical bills, the MOHW announced a plan to expand NHI coverage in August 2017. The plan was designed to cover uninsured treatments necessary from the medical perspective, but non-reimbursable. In addition, the plan was also meant to reduce the medical cost of vulnerable groups including the elderly, children, women, and low-income households.

In this context, the MOHW has successfully completed major tasks of abolishing the Selective Medical Treatment System, covering 2-bed and 3-bed hospital rooms, and reimbursing MRI and ultrasound examinations.

Going further, the Ministry plans to seamlessly carry out remaining tasks based on the progress which has been made over the last 2 years so that more citizens feel the benefit of the policy.

Along the way, efforts will be made to improve the financial soundness of the NHI and the quality and effectiveness of the healthcare delivery system in order to make sure that the widely recognized NHI more contribute to the life of the public.

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