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Press Release on Progress in 50 days after Abolition of Disability Grading System in Summary

  • Date : 2019-08-22
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Press Release on Progress in 50 days after Abolition of Disability Grading System in Summary

(Aug 20, 2019, Bureau of Policy for Persons with Disabilities, MOHW)

□ The Ministry of Health and Welfare (MOHW, Minister Neunghoo Park) made a turning point in disability policy by abolishing the Disability Grading System on July 1, 2019 in 31 years and building a “User-Centric Disability Support System” which thoroughly considers individual needs and conditions instead of classifying disabilities in a uniform way.

○ The MOHW announced successful cases of the user-centric disability support system 50 days after the Disability Grading System got abolished.

󰊱 First, activity support hours and the eligibility for services have been greatly expanded with the introduction of “Comprehensive Survey on Service Provision”, which considers an applicant’s needs and conditions, as a tool to determine the level of support for persons with disabilities.

○ In an analysis on changes in benefit of 1,221 people surveyed for an eligibility renewal (3 years) among existing recipients, monthly support time increased by 20.7 hours from 104.5 to 125.2 hours on average. Such increase in average support hours was found across all disability types.

○ Furthermore, as persons with mild disabilities who once were not eligible for services are now able to apply, some applicants of which need for daily activity support is recognized through the Comprehensive Survey became eligible for services.

󰊲 Second, there was a successful case in which the delivery system improved so that persons with disabilities use services of their needs for their independent living within communities.

○In order to prevent persons with disabilities not receiving services due to lack of information, customized consultations were provided based on disability type, disability grade, and age through the Social Security Information Service System (Hangbok-eUm).

- 14,686 cases of services were selected and introduced to 1,085 persons with disabilities in this July alone and 5,100 service applications were made. In response, the total service applications (7,663 cases) increased by 24.6% year-on-year.

○ The right to receive benefit for persons with disabilities has been further enhanced by expanding “Benefit Application Record Management System”, in which people who failed to receive benefit are regularly informed of the eligibility, to activity support and disability (child) benefit from the previous disability pension.

○ During home visits in towns (eup), townships (myeon) and neighborhoods (dong), consultations are provided based on a deep understanding on persons with disabilities and expertise, as the visits are accompanied by specialized personnel from relevant institutions such as welfare centers for persons with disabilities and centers for developmental disabilities.

○ For a case management considering the characteristics of persons with disabilities, each municipality is establishing a public-private consultative body dedicated to persons with disabilities. This is expected to lead to more delicate and specialized case management on persons with disabilities.

□ Byungjun Bae, Director General of Disability Grade System Abolition of the MOHW, said that “we were able to find meaningful progress made in daily lives of persons with disabilities in 50 days after the implementation of the user-centric disability support system. In regard to matters requiring further improvement, the MOHW will improve and develop the system in close communication with the disability community through the Committee on Notice and Revision of Comprehensive Survey,” and

○ “We will spare no effort into spreading the policy effect and make all persons with disabilities actually feel the benefit. Going forward, we will continuously provide essential services under the user-centric disability support system.”

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