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Forecasting the Transformation and Future Directions of Global Healthcare in the Post-Covid Era

  • Date : 2022-03-08
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Forecasting the Transformation and Future Directions of Global Healthcare in the Post-Covid Era


Mar 7, 2022

The 12th conference, Medical Korea 2022, to be held from March 10th to 11th, under the theme of “Global Healthcare, a New Leap Forward” with diverse programs including lectures of globally renowned scholars

It was announced that Medical Korea 2022, hosted by the Ministry of Health and Welfare (Minister Kwon Deok Cheol) and organized by the Korea Health Industry Development Institute, KHIDI (President Kwon Soonman), will be held at COEX, Seoul, from March 10th (Thu) to 11th (Fri).

Overview of Medical Korea 2022

Title: Medical Korea 2022 (The 12th Global Healthcare & Medical Tourism Conference)

Date and Venue

- (In-person): March 10th (Thu) - 11th (Fri), Seoul COEX ASEM Ballroom (North, 2F)

- (Virtual): March 10th (Thu) - 15th (Tue), www.medicalkorea2022.kr

Hosted by: Ministry of Health and Welfare

Organized by: Korea Health Industry Development Institute

Programs: Opening Ceremony, Conference, Seminars, Business meetings, Digital Healthcare Promotion Hall, G2G sessions

The upcoming Medical Korea 2022 will take place under the theme of "Global Healthcare, a New Leap Forward" and become a venue for offering the outlook on the transformation and future of global healthcare in a new normal era.

  1. the past years, Medical Korea has taken a pivotal role in sharing the latest trends of global healthcare and heightening the status of Korean medicine in the global market. Furthermore, it has contributed to generating a substantial national wealth by promoting intergovernmental cooperation leading to contracts for overseas expansion.

Medical Korea 2022 consists of Conference, Seminars, Business meetings, Digital Healthcare Promotion Hall and G2G Sessions, covering diverse topics including smart elderly care, digital healthcare, cooperation for co-prosperity in global healthcare, and the possibility and future of convergence and overseas expansion model of health industry.

(Conference) It features 6 topics including “Global Healthcare, a New Leap Forward” and gathers 35 speakers together to analyze the key changing trends in the global healthcare industry and seek ways for mutual development based on cooperation.

All 30 presentations will be covered during 6 sessions; (Session 1) Global Healthcare, a New Leap Forward (Session 2) Smart Elderly Care Services: Present & Future (Session 3) The 9th Digital Healthcare Future Strategy Forum (Session 4) Cooperation for Co-prosperity between Medical Korea and the Global Healthcare Industry (Session 5) Possibilities and the Future of Convergence and Overseas Expansion Model of Health Industry and (Session 6) Global Healthcare Policy & Management Forum.

In particular, at Session 1, Mauro F. Guillen, Dean of Cambridge Judge Business School, University of Cambridge and author of 2030: How Today’s Biggest Trends Will Collide and Reshape the Future of Everything will deliver his keynote speech on demographic changes and healthcare industry transformation based on technology advancement.

The keynote speech will be followed by inspiring lectures by Daniel Kraft, Faculty Chair for Medicine at Singularity University, Keith Pollard, Editor in Chief of International Medical Travel Journal (IMTJ), and Niels van Namen, Executive Vice President of Global Healthcare Sector, CEVA Logistics.

All lectures of Session 1 will be pre-recorded and streamed online.

(Seminars) In total, 10 programs are designed as side events including seminars offering opportunities and relevant information for domestic medical institutes and businesses with desire for overseas expansion to survive and prosper in the global healthcare market.

Around 50 healthcare experts will touch upon the transformation and trend in the global healthcare market, overseas expansion strategy of global healthcare, metaverse, professional workforce training, and the trends in registration of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs) in China.

Especially, the Seminar on 'A New Metaverse-based Strategy of Global Healthcare' will include an in-depth discussion on the impact of metaverse, a newly emerging trend, on the healthcare industry.

(Business meetings) Business meetings will provide a venue for networking between domestic healthcare businesses and foreign buyers involved in international patient attraction and overseas expansion of medical services.

Domestic businesses will attend in person at Hall E, COEX, and foreign buyers will take part in through a virtual platform.

(Digital Healthcare Promotion Hall) Promotion Hall is set up for the purpose of showcasing the state-of-the-art technologies of the digital healthcare industry in Korea.

Digital Healthcare Promotion Hall exhibits the latest technologies in the digital healthcare industry and offers VRAR booths, at Grand Ballroom 105 until March 13th (Sun).

(G2G Sessions) The KOREA-CENTRAL ASIA Roundtable Meeting on healthcare cooperation and the MOU signing ceremony between KHIDI and the State of Victoria are also scheduled during the conference period.

The MOHW and KHIDI, together with the Korea Foundation, will invite the ambassadors to Korea from Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan to discuss healthcare cooperation agenda between Korea and Central Asian nations in the post-Covid era.

The MOU between the KHIDI and the State of Victoria of Australia covers the cooperation in R&D, clinical trials, manufacturing and investment for RNA technology, including mRNA vaccine, as part of global collaboration for enhancing the global pandemic response capabilities.

The KHIDI and the State of Victoria held the “KOR-AUS mRNA Vaccine Partnership Roundtable” last October and have been giving support for dialogue between the two nations.

Also, during the opening ceremony of Medical Korea 2022, a merit award ceremony (24 commendations in total) in the field of overseas expansion of healthcare and international patient attraction will take place as well.

* 1 President's Commendation, 4 Prime Minister's Commendations, 19 Commendations from Minster of Health and Welfare

The President's Commendation will be granted to the Korea International Medical Association (President Kim Yon-su, President of Seoul National University Hospital), a leading private organization in medical tourism, in recognition of its efforts to engage in global healthcare cooperation and publicity and contribute to heightening the global competitiveness of practitioners.

Also, the Prime Minister's Commendation will be awarded to Kim Hisoo, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kim’s Eye Hospital of Konyang Medical Foundation, Kim Sun-wook, Managing Partner of Kim&Hyun Law Firm (SeSeung LLC), Kim Myunghun, Strategy Director of Lokks 307, and Busan Metropolitan City. Additionally, 19 organizations and individuals including Suh Chang-seok, Professor of Seoul National University Hospital, will be awarded the Commendation from Minister of Health and Welfare.

Kwon Deok-cheol, Minister of Health and Welfare, will deliver his congratulatory remarks at the opening ceremony, expressing his hopes that this event will become a venue for global leaders to share academic insights on the directions for the global healthcare industry‘s development in the post-Covid era.“

In the opening remarks, Kwon Soonman, President of the KHIDI, will note that, in the wake of global crisis such as pandemic, a timely analysis of and preparations to the global healthcare trends will allow Korea to take the lead in the global healthcare industry, and highlight his expectations on the conference which will enable global exchanges of information on the outlook of the healthcare industry after the Covid-19 pandemic.“

// For inquiries, contact MOHW Media Relations (044-202-2048)


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